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The most preferred embodiment of the present invention is a computer-based decision support system that includes three main components: a database mining engine (DME); an advertising optimization mechanism; and a customized user interface that provides access to the various features of the invention ...

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A load control management protocol, system, and method that address many different customers, individually, in geographic groups, or in other predefined groups to control at least one or more electrical power consuming appliances are disclosed. The computer-implemented protocol provides wired and wi ...

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A security card (which may be a credit card) according to the invention has recorded on it data identifying a personal and non-counterfeitable characteristic, such as a voice print, of the authorised holder of the card. Card utilisation systems according to the invention provide means for comparing ...

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According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a method and apparatus for quickly and easily retrieving, manipulating and analyzing large quantities of computer-based data relevant to television-viewing consumers is disclosed. The most preferred embodiment of the present invention is ...

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Control of a variable output appliance of a small energy consumer participating in an electrical load shedding program. A baseline operating characteristic of the appliance is determined for ordinary operation (such as in an absence of any load shedding requirements). An amount by which to reduce ou ...

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A flexible resilient breast pump insert adapted to fit onto a vacuum generating breast pump operable to cyclically generate and release a negative pressure is disclosed. The insert has deformable zones (

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent damages to contact parts by friction by directly contacting a plurality of contact pieces of a connector to electrode pads formed in a circuit board, and providing a landing mechanism.SOLUTION: This connector has the plurality of contact pieces, each to be contacted ...

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A process cartridge detachably mountable to an image forming apparatus includes a movable image bearing member having first and second drive transmitting portions; a developer carrying member for carrying a developer to supply the developer to the image bearing member, the developer carrying member ...

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Single crystal nickel-base superalloy having very fine gamma prime after heat treatment in a temperature range permitting total gamma prime solutioning without incipient melting. Component of the heat treated alloy has exceptional resistance to creep under high temperature and stress, particularly i ...

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There is disclosed an illumination device in which a light guide is adapted to emit the light from a face thereof and is provided with an area, on a face opposite to the light emitting face, for diffusing and/or reflecting the light introduced into the light guide from an end face thereof or is prov ...