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The invention relates to colloidal sized particles composed of magnetic iron oxide (Fe.sub.3 O.sub.4) coated with a polysaccharide, preferably dextran, or a derivative thereof having pendant functional groups. The particles have a magnetic moment, are electron dense, and are stable and non-aggregati ...

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The coupler consists of an intermediate finite length waveguide located between a first and at least one second waveguide with the refractive index of the intermediate waveguide being greater than the refractive indices of the other waveguides. The intermediate waveguide further includes a structure ...

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The prism light guide is a longitudinal hollow structure made of transparent dielectric material. The structure has substantially planar inner and outer surfaces which are in "octature". The hollow structure is formed of one or more longitudinal sections which may be bonded together with an adhesive ...

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A cross-correlated baseband signal processor for providing in-phase and quadrature phase shifted NRZ signals from an input signal, apparatus for cross-correlating the in-phase and quadrature shifted signals, and apparatus for generating in-phase and quadrature shifted intersymbol-interference and ji ...

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An optical coupler for single mode optical signals having a tunable (variable) coupling ratio, and a method of fabricating the coupler. A pair of virtually identical optical fibers are fused together at a narrowed waist region, each fiber being formed of a core and cladding, each being tapered towar ...

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A signal processor for providing a continuous raised cosine output signal having no jitter or intersymbol-interference and with controllable main and side lobes. An NRZ input signal is converted to a double interval raised cosine pulse signal having an amplitude normalized to 1.0. Another single int ...

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An apparatus for ultrasonic irradiation of the heart either when the chest is open after surgery or through the chest wall. It may also be used in conjunction with electrical defibrillation equipment or alone. The apparatus includes an EKG for detecting the heart beat, an ultrasonic generator and ti ...

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A MODEM for a high frequency radio data link which substantially enhances the recovery of data transmitted via the link in the face of multipath distortion and fading. A serial digital input signal for transmission is split into odd bit and even bit data streams, having synchronous bit timing. Each ...

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A new type of lens is described. The lens has the appearance of a prism with a relatively sharp radius at the apex. This lens finds an application in expanding a laser beam in one direction only.

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An optical interference, authenticating means, comprising a substrate, and a filter composed of at least one optical interference layer having a known characteristic of spectral reflectance and a different, known characteristic of spectral transmittance, both of which vary with the angle of incidenc ...