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An imaging device formed as a monolithic complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit in an industry standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor process, the integrated circuit including a focal plane array of pixel cells, each one of the cells including a photogate overlying the ...

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Single substrate device is formed to have an image acquistition device and a controller. The controller on the substrate controls the system operation.

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A method of fabricating an elastomeric structure, comprising: forming a first elastomeric layer on top of a first micromachined mold, the first micromachined mold having a first raised protrusion which forms a first recess extending along a bottom surface of the first elastomeric layer; forming a se ...

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Several improved turbo code apparatuses and methods. The invention encompasses several classes: (1) A data source is applied to two or more encoders with an interleaver between the source and each of the second and subsequent encoders. Each encoder outputs a code element which may be transmitted or ...

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The invention provides a microfabricated device for sorting cells based on a desired characteristic, for example, reporter-labeled cells can be sorted by the presence or level of reporter on the cells. The device includes a chip having a substrate into which is microfabricated at least one analysis ...

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The present invention provides microfluidic devices and methods using the same in various types of thermal cycling reactions. Certaom devices include a rotary microfluidic channel and a plurality of temperature regions at different locations along the rotary microfluidic channel at which temperature ...

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Assay for determing the nucleic acid sequence in a region of a nucleic acid test substance having a known normal sequence and a known possible mutation at at least one target nucleotide position. Oligonucleotide probes are selected to anneal to immediately adjacent segments of a substantially comple ...

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A robot for performing endoscopic procedures in flexible and curved human or animal lumens. A plurality of segments are attached to each other. Traction segments embrace the lumen walls. Other segments include actuators that cause the endoscope to locally deform its shape via bending, extending, or ...

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The invention relates to a microfabricated device for the rapid detection of DNA, proteins or other molecules associated with a particular disease. The devices and methods of the invention can be used for the simultaneous diagnosis of multiple diseases by detecting molecules (e.g. amounts of molecul ...

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Sensors (20, 50, 70) for use in detecting the presence of sugars and other analytes (target molecules). The sensor is composed of a metal complex that binds to the target molecule and releases a proton or includes an exchangable ligand which is exchanged for the target molecule during the binding in ...