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A method for securing a network including providing one or more information sources, identifying one or more devices on the network using the information sources and determining whether identified devices are authorized.

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A method for providing access to one or more resources in a computer network, establishing a connection between a user and the computer network via at least one wireless access point, generating an authentication level for the user associated with accessing the one or more resources, sending a progr ...

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In at least one embodiment, the computing network may include multiple different data centers and/or server grids which are deployed different geographic locations. In at least one embodiment, at least some of the 20 server grids may be operable to provide on-demand, grid and/or utility computing re ...

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The rate of trancytosis of antibodies across the blood-brain barrier is increased by cationizing the antibodies to provide cationized antibodies having an isoelectric point of between about 8.0 to 11.0. The increased rates of transport across the blood-brain barrier makes such cationized antibodies ...

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Electron transporting layers comprised of organic free radicals are disclosed for use as the electron transporting layer in multi-layer structures that are useful for fabricating organic light emitting devices (OLEDs). For example, the multi-layer structure may include an electron transporting layer ...

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A self-latching solenoid actuator having a low power consumption and an internal switching arrangement whereby latching and unlatching may be accomplished by such means as a simple single-pole, double-throw remote switch. The solenoid has a permanent magnet in the magnetic circuit thereof so that an ...

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Inertial energy storage apparatus having two contrarotating rotors the fellies of which include a number of thin rings of glass or embedded fiber composite material supported by elastic support means so that the radial separations between adjacent rings produced by centrifugal force do not cause fai ...

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A system and a method of conducting a time-auction among queuing customers is described. A bid is received from one of the queuing customers and compared with the prices being offered by the other customers waiting in line. If the bid is higher than at least one of the prices, the bidding customer i ...

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A piezoelectric or ferroelectric microresonator of tuning fork configuration has an overall length of from about 100 mils to 500 mils, and a width of from about 15 mils to about 50 mils. In a typical embodiment, the microresonator includes a thin film electrode extending across the bottom surface of ...

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Described herein is a method and apparatus for fully automatically weld-joining lengths of metal instrument tubing employing the TIG welding process to advance a weld puddle about the periphery of the junction of aligned ends of straight tubing, respective end portions of which are held in a closed ...