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An alcohol and/or a carboxylic acid ester is produced from a carboxylic acid or anhydride thereof by reacting the acid or anhydride with hydrogen at elevated temperature in the presence as catalyst of a composition comprising an alloy of (i) at least one noble metal of Group VIII of the Periodic Tab ...

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Carboxylic acid esters are produced from the corresponding C2 to C12 carboxylic acids or anhydrides by hydrogenation at elevated temperature, in the presence of a catalyst comprising (a) an alloy of a Group VIII noble metal and (b) an oxide of a Group IVb element, preferably titania. A preferred cat ...

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1,168,785. Greases; de-waxing oils. BRITISH PETROLEUM CO. Ltd. 14 Sept., 1966 [24 Sept., 1965], No. 40702/65. Headings C5E and C5F. [Also in Division C1] Greases are produced by adding oleophilic graphite (see Division C1) to mineral lubricating oils. This graphite may also be used for absorbing wax ...


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An insulating bag (1) has walls (10) made of a plurality of layers (11, 12) which form an air cushion and also a reflecting layer (13) for example a metal foil. The air cushion can be made up of compartments (15) formed by layers (11, 12) the compartments being sealed against the outside air. The re ...


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An insert choke for a sub-sea oil production module has a body and releasable latch for locking it into a housing of the production module, and a variable choke constriction within the body which can be adjusted by a screw-threaded stem co-operating with a screw threaded member which can be rotated ...

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The present invention relates to a process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon feedstock rich in C2 hydrocarbons. In particular it is a process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons comprising bringing into contact at a temperature between 580 DEG C and 750 DEG C hydrocarbon feedsto ...


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Crude oil production from a well is stimulated by artificial lift. To control the artificial lift and hence the production of oil, a choke unit 112 associated with a natural flow production well is modified so that the artificial lift fluid is passed through the choke 212 itself and the crude oil is ...