Kitson Melanie, Williams Peter Sefton: The catalysed hydrogenation of carboxylic acids and their anhydrides to alcohols and/or esters.. British Petroleum Co, Bp Chem Int, October 5, 1988: EP0285420-A1 (115 worldwide citation)

An alcohol and/or a carboxylic acid ester is produced from a carboxylic acid or anhydride thereof by reacting the acid or anhydride with hydrogen at elevated temperature in the presence as catalyst of a composition comprising an alloy of (i) at least one noble metal of Group VIII of the Periodic Tab ...

Mclachlan Kenneth Alan, Williams Peter Sefton: Ester production by hydrogenation of carboxylic acids and anhydrides.. Bp Chem Int, British Petroleum Co, December 5, 1990: EP0400904-A1 (90 worldwide citation)

Carboxylic acid esters are produced from the corresponding C2 to C12 carboxylic acids or anhydrides by hydrogenation at elevated temperature, in the presence of a catalyst comprising (a) an alloy of a Group VIII noble metal and (b) an oxide of a Group IVb element, preferably titania. A preferred cat ...

Groszek Aleksander Jerzy: Graphite. British Petroleum Co, October 29, 1969: GB1168785-A (67 worldwide citation)

1,168,785. Greases; de-waxing oils. BRITISH PETROLEUM CO. Ltd. 14 Sept., 1966 [24 Sept., 1965], No. 40702/65. Headings C5E and C5F. [Also in Division C1] Greases are produced by adding oleophilic graphite (see Division C1) to mineral lubricating oils. This graphite may also be used for absorbing wax ...



Utz Kastulus: Insulating container, especially insulating carrier or insulating bag.. British Petroleum Co, August 10, 1983: EP0085534-A1 (43 worldwide citation)

An insulating bag (1) has walls (10) made of a plurality of layers (11, 12) which form an air cushion and also a reflecting layer (13) for example a metal foil. The air cushion can be made up of compartments (15) formed by layers (11, 12) the compartments being sealed against the outside air. The re ...

Dave Dilip, Hall Antony Harold Patrick: Production of aromatics from ethane and/or ethylene.. British Petroleum Co, April 21, 1982: EP0050021-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon feedstock rich in C2 hydrocarbons. In particular it is a process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons comprising bringing into contact at a temperature between 580 DEG C and 750 DEG C hydrocarbon feedsto ...

Hans P Hopper: Insert choke and control module therefor. British Petroleum Co, David J Untener, Larry W Evans, July 18, 1989: US04848472 (36 worldwide citation)

An insert choke for a sub-sea oil production module has a body and releasable latch for locking it into a housing of the production module, and a variable choke constriction within the body which can be adjusted by a screw-threaded stem co-operating with a screw threaded member which can be rotated ...


Hopper Hans Paul: Controlling artificial lift in wells. British Petroleum Co, May 25, 1988: GB2197675-A (32 worldwide citation)

Crude oil production from a well is stimulated by artificial lift. To control the artificial lift and hence the production of oil, a choke unit 112 associated with a natural flow production well is modified so that the artificial lift fluid is passed through the choke 212 itself and the crude oil is ...

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