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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## inhibit the activity of endothelin. The symbols are defined as follows: R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 are each directly bonded to a ring carbon and are each independently

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The present invention relates to novel antibodies, antibody fragments and antibody conjugates and single-chain immunotoxins reactive with human carcinoma cells. More particularly, the antibodies, conjugates and single-chain immunotoxins of the invention include: a murine monoclonal antibody, BR96; a ...

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A set of instruments and a surgical technique facilitate precise orientation of the femoral implant. Precision is aided by decoupling the determination of A/P placement, valgus angle, and external rotation into three discrete steps. In this way, a surgeon's full concentration can be directed to each ...

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A method and apparatus for facilitating use of a threaded suture anchor in combination with a reusable cannulated anchor driver. The device enables a suture anchor to be preassembled with a suture so that a user need not assemble a suture anchor with suture immediately prior to use. The preassembled ...

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The invention is directed to an orthopaedic apparatus 24, 80, 380, 480, 580 for positioning an implant 22, 322, 422 relative to an end of a bone. The implant has at least one extractor opening 30, 330, 430 and a shoulder 26, 326, 426 with a slot therein. The positioning apparatus includes a shaft 32 ...

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A permanent, biocompatible material for soft tissue augmentation. The biocompatible material comprises a matrix of smooth, round, finely divided, substantially spherical particles of a biocompatible ceramic material, close to or in contact with each other, which provide a scaffold or lattice for aut ...


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Macrocyclic isoquinoline are disclosed having the general formula: A compound of formula 1: wherein R1 to R9, Q and W are described in the description. Compositions comprising the compounds and methods for using the compounds to inhibit HCV are also disclosed.


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The invention is directed to a wrist fusion plate 10 configured to extend over a carpus area and position at least one metacarpal relative to a radius. The wrist fusion plate includes a saddle portion 36 which is placed over the carpus area. A proximal end 38 extending from the saddle portion and at ...