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The present invention relates to drug-ligand conjugates wherein the drug is linked to the ligand through a protein peptide linker and a connector, a process for the preparation of the conjugates, method of controlling the growth of undesirable cells, pharmaceutical compositions, and intermediates th ...

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## inhibit the activity of endothelin. The symbols are defined as follows: R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 are each directly bonded to a ring carbon and are each independently

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The liquid removal system of the present invention is designed to permit efficient liquid removal as needed through the use of an interface device. The interface device is provided with a membrane which has and is capable of maintaining a vacuum on one side so that when liquid contacts the opposite ...

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An orthopaedic instrument for comparing post-surgical joint geometry to pre-surgical joint geometry. The instrument has a head chuck which can be secured to the ball of a ball joint, and an arm having reference indicia thereon. Markings indicative of the pre-surgical joint geometry are made on the b ...

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A liquid removal system having an interface device and a vacuum source are described. The interface device has a porous membrane with an entrance zone on one side. The vacuum source maintains a vacuum on the side of the membrane opposite the entrance zone when the membrane is wetted. Liquid which co ...

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The present invention is directed to targeted therapeutic delivery systems comprising a gas or gaseous precursor filled microsphere wherein said gas or gaseous precursor filled microsphere comprises an oil, a surfactant, and a therapeutic compound. Methods of preparing the targeted therapeutic deliv ...

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An instrument for seating taper junctions of modular implants engages two components and provides a sustained assembly force along the junction axis with great mechanical advantage. In one embodiment the instrument comprises a lever mechanism for generating the mechanical advantage. In another embod ...

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A set of instruments and a surgical technique facilitate precise orientation of the femoral implant. Precision is aided by decoupling the determination of A/P placement, valgus angle, and external rotation into three discrete steps. In this way, a surgeon's full concentration can be directed to each ...

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The invention identifies the CTLA4 receptor as a ligand for the B7 antigen. The complete amino acid sequence encoding human CTLA4 receptor gene is provided. Methods are provided for expressing CTLA4 as an immunoglobulin fusion protein, for preparing hybrid CTLA4 fusion proteins, and for using the so ...