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The inner layer of the core has a diameter of 15-25 mm, a weight of 2-14 grams, a specific gravity of 1.2-4, and a hardness of 55-80 JIS C. The outer layer has a specific gravity lower than that of the inner layer by 0.1-3.0. The cover has a radial thickness of 1.5-2.5 mm.

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Disclosed herein is a two-piece type solid golf ball formed by enclosing a solid core with a thermoplastic resin cover. It provides a long overall distance, improved controlability, extended durability, and good shot feeling. The solid core contains polybutadiene having more than 40% of cis-1,4 bond ...

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Solid golf balls comprising a solid core and a cover which exhibit improved flying performance, controllability, repulsion, fatigue resistance, and hitting feel. The solid core is formed from a composition comprising a polybutadiene containing at least 40% of cis-1,4-bond and an unsaturated carboxyl ...

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An image display device, in which image display media are sealed between opposed substrates, at least one of two substrates being transparent, and in which the image display media, to which an electrostatic field is applied, are made to move so as to display an image. A construction of particles use ...

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In an optical transmission tube comprising a tubular cladding and a core within the cladding having a higher index of refraction than the cladding, a strip-shaped reflecting layer is longitudinally extended between the cladding and the core. Light passing through the core is reflected and scattered ...

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A rubber composition for tires having improved heat build-up and high temperature reinforcibility comprises specified amounts of particular surface-treated carbon black, silica and particular silane coupling agent based on 100 parts by weight of rubber ingredient.

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A multi-piece solid golf ball comprising a solid core, an intermediate layer, and a cover is improved in flight distance, feel and durability when the solid core has a maximum hardness at a position spaced 3-10 mm inward from its surface, the difference between the maximum hardness and the hardness ...

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One-piece and multi-layered golf balls are improved in flying performance by forming the one-piece ball entirely or multi-layered golf ball core from a rubber composition comprising a base rubber, an unsaturated carboxylic acid metal salt, and an organic sulfur compound and/or a metal salt thereof.

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In the image display device according to the first aspect of the invention, a liquid powder composed of a solid material stably floating as a dispersant in a gas and exhibiting a high fluidity in an aerosol state is sealed between opposed substrates, at least one substrate being transparent, and the ...

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A sulfur-vulcanizable rubber compound, being devoid of peroxide components, having high modulus and low hysteresis properties subsequent to vulcanization. Such compounds comprise from about 25 to 55 parts by weight of polyisoprene; and from about 75 to 45 parts by weight of a diene polymer selected ...