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A multi-piece solid golf ball has a solid core of multi-layer configuration including an inner layer circumscribed by an outer layer. The core inner layer is formed from a rubber composition. The core outer layer is formed thereon by injection molding a mixture of 100-50 wt % of a polyether ester ty ...

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The inner layer of the core has a diameter of 15-25 mm, a weight of 2-14 grams, a specific gravity of 1.2-4, and a hardness of 55-80 JIS C. The outer layer has a specific gravity lower than that of the inner layer by 0.1-3.0. The cover has a radial thickness of 1.5-2.5 mm.

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A golf ball comprises a core and a cover enclosing the core. The cover resin is composed mainly of a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer having an aliphatic diisocyanate component and exhibiting a tan .delta. peak temperature of not higher than -20.degree. C. in viscoelasticity measurement.

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Disclosed herein is a two-piece type solid golf ball formed by enclosing a solid core with a thermoplastic resin cover. It provides a long overall distance, improved controlability, extended durability, and good shot feeling. The solid core contains polybutadiene having more than 40% of cis-1,4 bond ...

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A method for monitoring various physical conditions of pneumatic tires, and to a tire including a monitoring device. More particularly, the invention relates to a method of monitoring tires which uses an active, self-powered programmable electronic device which is installed in or on the interior sur ...

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Solid golf balls comprising a solid core and a cover which exhibit improved flying performance, controllability, repulsion, fatigue resistance, and hitting feel. The solid core is formed from a composition comprising a polybutadiene containing at least 40% of cis-1,4-bond and an unsaturated carboxyl ...

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An image display device, in which image display media are sealed between opposed substrates, at least one of two substrates being transparent, and in which the image display media, to which an electrostatic field is applied, are made to move so as to display an image. A construction of particles use ...

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The invention provides a three-piece solid golf ball featuring an increased flight distance on driver shots and improved control on approach shots. In a three-piece solid golf ball consisting of a solid core, an intermediate layer, and a cover, provided that hardness is measured by a JIS-C scale har ...

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A hollow golf club head includes a fiber-reinforced-plastic body and a metal body. The fiber-reinforced-plastic body includes a main portion of a crown portion. The metal body includes a face portion, a front edge portion of the crown portion continuous with the face portion, and a central portion o ...

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A solid golf ball comprises a solid core and a cover. The solid core has a multilayer construction with an inner core layer and an outer core layer. The inner core layer is composed primarily of a resin, and has a diameter of 15-25 mm and a Shore D hardness of 55-90. The outer core layer is formed o ...