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The invention relates to an implantable blood filter comprising a self-expanding external structure made from a zigzagged thread wound on itself in order to exhibit a closed configuration. A central strainer section is connected to the said thread at various points for the retention of possible bloo ...

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A housing having a channel is provided with a slotted, elastomeric valve body dividing the channel. The slotted valve body is biased in the closed position by a metal spring. If the valve body's material loses resiliency, the spring guarantees that the valve takes its closed position, even if the va ...

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A self-expanding cardiovascular occlusion apparatus including a predetermined pattern of wire and three collinear bands, whereby pushing the bands together causes the two exposed braided or helical sections between them to flatten to two disk-like shapes. The disks are then forced outward relative t ...

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The invention relates to an assembly using a vascular filter accommodated in an implanting sleeve from which it can be partially expelled in the case of temporary filtration. It is used by means of a maneuvering rod to which the filter is connected in a separable manner so that the filter is separat ...

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A covered self-expanding vascular occlusion device and a method of making and using the device. The device comprises a braided wire member with at least two axially spaced securing members affixed to the braided wire member and a thin film covering at least half of the device. The braided member can ...

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A wireless communication system from an IV medication infusion pump to a hospital information management system (HIMS) is disclosed. The system includes an IV pump having pump operation circuitry for monitoring preselected characteristics of pump operation indicative of IV administration of medicati ...

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This invention relates to a medical device comprising an implant for the treatment of an affection of an anatomical duct. A part of the duct (V) wall is lined on the outside with at least one lining (

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A safety IV catheter includes a unitary, resilient needle guard received in a catheter hub. The needle guard includes a proximal arm or wall that includes an opening through which a needle passes for axial movement. When the needle is retracted from the catheter, it releases the force that had previ ...

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One side wall of a rigid needle tube is provided at its front end with a curved bending directed towards the opposite, axial side wall and has a lumen opening formed therein. The lumen opening is provided with a rear inner cutting edge and a front punctuating portion which comprises a lancet-shaped ...

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An anasesthesia set which includes a straight epidural cannula with a ground opening, a spinal cannula which is longer and thinner than the epidural cannula and which is insertable therein such that its front end projects from the epidural cannula, and a catheter adapted to be advanced through the e ...