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The specification discloses an automated optical instrument system which includes a support pedestal rotatably supporting a housing on the upper end thereof. The housing includes a laser for directing a collimated beam of light for use in surveying and also includes an infrared detector system mount ...

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A cutting tooth for a tree felling saw having a concave front surface and a convex rear surface can be removably fixed to a saw by a fastening device The front surface and the rear surface are uniformly spaced and have a plurality of side surfaces extending therebetween. The intersection of each sid ...

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A bow sight apparatus is described with at least one lighted reticle aiming spot which is projected onto a partially reflecting mirror through which the target is viewed to superimpose the aiming spot on the target image. A light guide of fluorescent plastic is employed to convert ambient visible li ...

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A cartridge priming device having a cartridge receiver for holding a cartridge to have a primer inserted therein, a primer receiving station for holding a single primer for insertion into a cartridge, a primer reservoir operable to hold a plurality of primers, a passage for directing primers from th ...

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A method of manufacturing an improved lead-free primed rimfire cartridge for ammunition or industrial powerloads providing a gas source for driving fasteners with power-fastening tools. A lead-free priming mixture is consolidated into an annular cavity of a rimfire casing and dried in the cavity. Th ...

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A method for setting a whipstock in a wellbore on a packer-anchor which employs a wireline that carries a setting assembly which severs a shear member carried by the setting assembly after the whipstock is set onto the packer-anchor.

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A hand-held tool for loading a primer into a primer socket of an ammunition cartridge case includes an elongate body with a holder for holding a cartridge case with its primer socket in a target position in a priming station. An elongate track on the tool longitudinally guides a rectilinear primer h ...

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Primer composition comprising diazodinitrophenol or potassium dinitrobenzofuroxane, tetracene, nitrate ester fuel and strontium nitrate. It is prepared by hydrating anhydrous strontium nitrate by dissolving in warm water and thereafter cooling solution to obtain crystals of the tetrahydrate. These c ...

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A die for performing multiple operations on a cartridge case in a single operative stroke of a reloading press. The die will uniformly coat the exterior of the case with lubricant, eject the spent primer, resize the exterior of the case, wipe and lightly lubricate the neck interior and resize the ne ...

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A saw chain having center links and side link pairs that are pivotally joined by a headless fastener. The side link pairs are formed into an integral unit, by a bridge portion to receive a center link therebetween. The center link and the side link pair have aligned bores for receiving a fastener. T ...