Blake Joseph Walter Iii: Disposable vascular punch.. Blake Joseph W Iii, December 9, 1992: EP0517252-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

A disposable punch (1) for cutting openings in blood vessels is disclosed. It comprises: a : a pistol shaped housing (10); b : a trigger (3), partially within; and pivotable with respect to the housing, against the bias of a spring (5); c : a blade pusher barrel (4), driven by the trigger, and adapt ...

Blake Joseph Walter Iii: Disposable retractable syringe.. Blake Joseph W Iii, Sloane Thomas Edison, August 9, 1989: EP0327061-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

A retractable hypodermic needle & syringe article (1) comprising barrel means comprising means to receive and removably restrain a hypodermic needle - containing assembly for dispensing liquids, plunger means (13) to force said liquids through said needle (23, 64a) and a hypodermic needle - containi ...


Blake Iii Joseph Walter: Foam dispensing device. Blake Joseph W Iii, March 24, 1993: GB2259653-A (3 worldwide citation)

Foaming device for mixing gas and foamable liquid in a container having a tube and cap configuration enables the dispensing of foam from the container without need for squeezing or deforming the container. The container includes a tube 90 with a band of openings 110 above the foamable liquid level i ...


Blake Joseph Walter Iii: Surgical device.. Blake Joseph W Iii, Kaufman Jack W, January 26, 1983: EP0070276-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A surgical clip applicator includes a forceps (1) and a detachable cartridge (44) containing a string of clips (36) which are fed seriatim between the anvils (30) of the forceps jaws (28).

BLAKE JOSEPH WALTER III: [fr] Applicateur dagrafes chirurgicales, [de] Chirurgischer Klammerapplikator, [en] Surgical clip applier. BLAKE JOSEPH W III, September 11, 2013: EP2636380-A2

[en] A surgical clip applier with scissor-type operating handle and clip applying cartridge in which handle has housing of upper and lower shells that defines socket for receiving cartridge, includes a lever arm actuated linear translator for linear reciprocating movement delivered to the cartridge, ...

Blake Joseph W Iii: Dispositif jetable de perforation vasculaire, Disposable vascular punch. Blake Joseph W Iii, Blake Joseph W Iii, DENNISON ASSOCIATES, August 12, 2003: CA2070465

A disposable punch for cutting openings in blood vesselscomprises a closed pistol-shaped housing having an opening at the front endfor passage of the distal ends of a punch mandrel and a blade drum out of thehousing, a trigger pivot, a port in the underside of the housing through whichthe lower port ...

Kaufman Jack W, Blake Joseph W Iii: Agrafeuse chirurgicale, Surgical stapler. Blake Joseph W Iii, Kaufman Jack W, SMART & BIGGAR, September 24, 1985: CA1193937

SURGICAL STAPLER Abstract A skin stapler having a plurality of staples is disclosed comprising a frame structure, with a nose section for directing the staple at a wound site, and including a housing therein having an anvil, a staple ejector, a driver for deforming the staple about the anvil, and a ...