Craig Allen
Jaime E Garcia, Craig Allen Carroll: Optical alignment system for power tool. Black & Decker, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham, August 30, 2005: US06937336 (17 worldwide citation)

A power tool having a work surface and a spindle attached to the power tool and defining an axis of operation of the power tool. In one embodiment, the power tool may include a bracket above the work surface. The bracket may include first and second bracket receptacles and first second holders movab ...

Craig Allen
Craig Allen Carroll, Brent Edward Stafford: Remotely actuated beveling systems for a miter saw. Black & Decker, Hunton & Williams, May 12, 2009: US07530297 (6 worldwide citation)

A miter saw has a remotely actuated bevel angle locking system and a bevel angle adjustment assistance system with a remote override actuator so that the user does not need to reach around to the back of the miter saw to adjust the bevel angle. The remote actuator for the bevel angle locking system ...

West Joshua D, Deshpande Uday S: Dc motor with dual commutator bar set and selectable series and parallel connected coils. Black & Decker, West Joshua D, Deshpande Uday S, ELCHUK Mark D, August 30, 2007: WO/2007/098220 (373 worldwide citation)

A permanent magnet, DC motor especially well adapted for use in power tools, and particularly hand-held, battery powered power tools. The motor includes two sets of armature coils, with each set of coils being coupled to separate sets of commutator bars on an armature. Separate pairs of brushes are ...

Steven J Phillips, Jeffrey J Francis, Andrew E Seman Jr, Daniele C Brotto, David A Carrier, Danh T Trinh, Christopher R Yahnker, James B Watson, Daniel J White: Cordless power system. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, March 30, 2010: US07688028 (284 worldwide citation)

A cordless system has cordless system components that include a cordless device, such as a cordless power tool, a battery pack and a charger. The battery pack is mated with either the cordless device to provide power to operate the cordless device or to the charger to charge the battery cells in the ...

Winrich Habedank, Klaus Dieter Arich: Battery-powered hand-guided power tool. Black & Decker, Charles E Yocum, John D Del Ponti, May 1, 2001: US06223835 (279 worldwide citation)

A battery-powered hand-guided power tool is provided, such as a hammer, includes a tool housing

Alvydas P Karasa: Terminal cover for a battery pack. Black & Decker, Dennis A Dearing, John D Del Ponti, Charles E Yocum, April 6, 1993: US05200280 (275 worldwide citation)

An enclosure 12 for a disposable battery pack 10 for a cordless power tool consists of a pair of end caps 26, 28 retained on the opposite ends of the pack by a central sleeve 30 of adhesive tape. The end caps are of unitary construction, formed from thin plastic sheet, and include raised terminal co ...

David A Saar, Richard T Walter: Method of charging batteries and apparatus therefor. Black & Decker, R B Sherer, Harold Weinstein, E D Murphy, July 5, 1983: US04392101 (256 worldwide citation)

A method of fast charging batteries by means of precise analysis of the profile of the variation with time of a characteristic of the battery which is indicative of the variation in stored chemical energy as the battery is charged. The method specifically comprises analyzing the profile for the occu ...

Brian Wadge: Mechanism for use in a power tool and a power tool including such a mechanism. Black & Decker, Bruce S Shapiro, John Yun, Wesley W Muller, April 24, 2007: US07207233 (247 worldwide citation)

A mechanism comprises an input shaft (11) and an output shaft (32) which are co-planar. Between the input shaft and output shaft is an axis (20) orthogonal to both shafts about which mounting brackets (30) holding the input and output shafts may pivot. This permits an angular adjustment between the ...

Alan Phillips, Julie L Jones: Amperage control for protection of battery over current in power tools. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, November 7, 2006: US07133601 (234 worldwide citation)

Amperage control of a power tool motor is provided by pulse width modulation of current from a power supply. The pulse width modulation may be varied according to the determined motor current and measured power supply voltage. The power supply preferably includes a battery, such a lithium ion or nic ...

Donald E Pezzolo, Blazo A Mitasev: Security control system. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, July 5, 1988: US04755792 (230 worldwide citation)

A security and control system for use in a home or building which utilizes a coded audio link between the entry detectors/transmitters and the relay modules, and a digital pulse coded power line communication ("PLC") link between the relay modules and the system controller as well as between the sys ...