Pertti Tormala, Olli Karhi, Markku Tamminmaki: Device for installing a tissue fastener. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, January 4, 2000: US06010513 (234 worldwide citation)

The device of the present invention is designed for repairing a tear in soft and/or tough tissue of a patient, such as a tear in the meniscus of the knee.

Pertti Törmälä, Markku Tamminmäki, Timo Pohjonen, Auvo Kaikkonen: Bioabsorbable surgical fastener for tissue treatment. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 22, 2003: US06551343 (205 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a surgical fastener or device (implant) formed in the shape of an arrow comprising a shaft with a proximal (first) portion having a blunt end and tapered form, such that the proximal portion is broad at its blunt end and tapers in the direction of a distal (second) p ...

Mark Sherman, Auvo Kaikkonen, Timo Pohjonen, Pertti Tormala: Bone block fixation implant. Bionx Implants OY, Kenyon & Kenyon, December 14, 1999: US06001100 (167 worldwide citation)

In the present invention, a bioabsorbable implant is described, which implant is manufactured of bioabsorbable polymer, copolymer, polymer alloy or fiber reinforced and/or particle filled composite, which implant is pushed into a hole or drill canal made in a bone, for fixing a bone graft into the d ...

David W Anderson, Pertti Helevirta, Eija Pirhonen, Timo Pohjonen, Markku Tamminmäki, Pertti Törmälä: Suture anchor. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, August 20, 2002: US06436124 (158 worldwide citation)

A one-piece suture anchor for anchoring a suture into a bone comprising an elongated body having proximal and distal ends, the body comprising at least one channel for receiving a suture, the channel comprising two elongated longitudinal guides continuing from the proximal end of the suture anchor t ...

Pertti Törmälä, Senja Paasimaa, Teuvo Antikainen: Hernia mesh. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, November 20, 2001: US06319264 (154 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention, a flexible, fibrous hernia mesh is provided, which is intended to be implanted to close hernia defects. The mesh has at least two functional components or layers: (1) a rapidly degradable first layer and (2) a more slowly degradable (with respect to the first laye ...

Matti Lehto, Mauri Lehtimaki, Senja Paasimaa, Pertti Tormala: Joint prosthesis. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, December 28, 1999: US06007580 (114 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a joint prosthesis intended to be mounted between two bones to be joined together. The joint prosthesis comprises a spacer part, intended to be placed between the joint surfaces of the bones to be joined. The spacer part is manufactured of biodegradable polymer, co-polymer, ...

Pertti Tormala, Senja Paasimaa, Matti Lehto, Mauri Lehtimaki: Reconstructive bioabsorbable joint prosthesis. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 5, 2000: US06113640 (88 worldwide citation)

A cylindrical, fibrous, porous joint spacer is provided, having excellent properties, flexibility of formation, and operability, which is intended to be implanted as a prosthesis between bones to be joined together. The joint spacer of the present invention can be formed from a strip of fabric, whic ...

Pertti Törmälä, Tero Välimaa: Biodegradable implant manufactured of polymer-based material and a method for manufacturing the same. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, May 8, 2001: US06228111 (80 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a biodegradable implant or the like manufactured of polymer-based material and intended to be installed in tissue conditions. In the macroscopic structure of the implant two or several zones are created in a manner that the biodegradable polymer-based material has in differe ...

Pertti Tormala, Markku Tamminmaki, Pertti Helevirta, Dennis M Nigro: Bioabsorbable surgical implants for endoscopic soft tissue suspension procedure. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, January 18, 2000: US06015410 (77 worldwide citation)

A bioabsorbable surgical implant for use in supporting soft tissue in a superior position in the body is described. The surgical implant includes a shaft that connects the implant to a bone or hard tissue and a head secured to the shaft. The head of the implant has a concave lower surface so that a ...

Pertti Törmälä, Tero Välimaa, Henna Niiranen, Timo Pohjonen, Penti Rokkanen: Bioactive, bioabsorbable surgical composite material. Bionx Implants Oy, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 18, 2002: US06406498 (76 worldwide citation)

The Applicants' invention is a bioactive, biocompatible, bioabsorbable surgical composite that is fabricated bioabsorbable polymers, copolymers or polymer alloys that are self-reinforced and contain ceramic particles or reinforcement fibers, and also can be porous. The composite of the inventio ...