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An automated microscope-slide-staining apparatus, having a supporting framework; an arm moveable in three dimensions attached to the framework; apparatus for moving the arm; a hollow tip head located on the arm; apparatus for alternatively supplying positive or negative gas pressure to the hollow ti ...

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Disclosed is an automated staining apparatus including an arm moveable in three dimensions, and a hollow tip head located on the arm including integral reagent tip head, wash tip and blow tip for selectively dispensing gas and liquid onto microscope slides. Also disclosed are various sub-components ...


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Releasing the embedding medium from an embedded histochemically reactive tissue specimen is provided by contacting the embedded tissue specimen with a releasing composition under conditions sufficient to release a sufficient portion of the embedding medium associated with the histochemically reactiv ...

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Compositions and methods are provided for dewaxing wax-embedded biological specimens prior to histochemical analysis. The compositions and methods provided can effectively remove wax or improved wax-based embedding materials, particularly paraffin-based, from specimens during preparation for histoch ...

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A method for restoring immunoreactivity of a tissue, particularly decalcified tissue, fixed width an aldehyde fixative agent and embedded in an embedding medium, usually comprising celloidin, the method comprising the steps of contacting the tissue with an aldehyde releasing reagent solution compris ...

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A method of immunologically staining a formalin-fixed tissue preparation, which comprises (a) subjecting a formalin-fixed tissue preparation to microwave energy while the tissue preparation is submersed in water for a time sufficient to increase immunostaining efficiency; (b) removing the tissue pre ...

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An apparatus is provided for use in an immunoassay for the detection of a target analyte in a liquid sample, comprising a porous reactive filter, having an upper surface and a lower surface, to which is bound an antibody specific for the target antigen; a holder affixed to the porous filter, wherein ...

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Aqueous polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) compositions and processes employing aqueous PVP, for use in mounting hematological, cytological and histological specimens on microscope slides.

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Reagents capable of forming branched oligomers with monomeric units are disclosed, together with oligomers incorporating such reagents, kits containing such reagents and methods for use of such reagents in forming oligomers with monomeric units. The present reagents can advantageously be used to int ...