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A device for use with an acetabular socket prosthesis (5) which has an outer rim (6) of predetermined size, comprising an outwardly extending removable location and/or sealing element (1,2) adapted to surround the outer rim (6) of said cup (5) with which it is to be used during implantation thereof.

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The invention relates to a process for manufacture of parts having a grainy surface and to parts obtained by this process. The process comprises making a rough wax pattern of the desired part, applying fusible particles to the surface of said pattern, obtaining a refractory mold from said pattern, a ...

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An insertion system for a prosthesis has an inserter with a box-like attachment device mounted therein. The attachment device has an end wall, a bottom wall and a pair of sidewalls with a crossbar spaced from said bottom wall extending between said side walls. A resilient adapter engages a trunion o ...


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A hip joint femoral prosthesis has a rod (2), the proximal end (6) of which has a cross-section of oval shape and a surface area increasing towards the proximal end. At least one wall of the proximal end includes alveoli (9) therein hollowed out so as to present a maximum depth on their side towards ...

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The present invention concerns a surgical tool which is an intramedullary reamer. This reamer comprises a hollow body (10), preferably cylindrical, of stamped and perforated metal with projecting reliefs (15) the front end (11) of which is open and the rear end (12) of which comprises means (17) for ...


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1322680 Hip-joint prosthesis BENOIST GIRARD & CIE SA 24 May 1972 24535/72 Heading A5R [Also in Division G1] A hip-joint prosthesis comprises a metal femural member having a pin 6 and a spherical male form 8, and a hemispherical cctyloid cupula 11, for insertion into the hip bone 1, the prosthesis be ...

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The prosthesis consists of femoral and tibial components, with a meniscal element (20) between them which has upper and lower surfaces which complement the corresponding thrust surfaces of the femoral and tibial components. The lower thrust face (23) of the meniscal element has a concave spherical s ...