Improvement to a lead for vascular catheterisation. Benhaim Jean, August 30, 1985: FR2560052-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a lead and more particularly a lead for cardiac catheterisation. A lead according to the present invention includes at one end two electrodes for detection and/or stimulation 20, 22, a body 5 terminating at one end a plurality of orifices 341 to 348 made in the wall ...

Sonde pour interruption non chirurgicale du faisceau de his chez lhomme. Benhaim Jean, April 21, 1978: FR2365351-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

La présente invention concerne une sonde et plus particulièrement une sonde pour cathétérisme cardiaque.

Jean Benhaim: Probe for non-surgical treatment of cardiovascular disease. Benhaim Jean, June 26, 1992: FR2670664-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

A probe has been constructed with which an obstruction of a blood vessel (23, 10) can be treated in an extremely gentle manner without risk of inadvertent destruction of tissue other than the tissue which is intended to be destroyed. A probe according to one embodiment of the present invention compr ...

Measuring device and method for calculating radiological magnification in a single measurement. Benhaim Jean, October 20, 1989: FR2630215-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The subject of the invention is a device which makes it possible to calculate radiological magnification. This device comprises a probe 1 in the form of a tube 5 which is introduced into a human vessel or organ, which probe 1 comprises at its front end three reference markings 4 which are perceived ...

Tube allowing selective opacification of arteries. Benhaim Jean, April 11, 1986: FR2571263-A2

The present invention relates to a tube allowing selective opacification of arteries by creating a pocket for retention of the opacifying liquid by modification of the volume of the end of the tube. This tube comprises a cylindrical body of a comfortable material 1, at the end of which there is a me ...

(tube) Allowing selective opacification of the arteries. Benhaim Jean, August 30, 1985: FR2560051-A1

The present invention relates to a catheter (tube) allowing selective opacification of the arteries by creating a retention pocket of the opacification liquid by altering the volume at the end of the catheter. The catheter includes a cylindrical body of a conformable material 10 at the end of which ...

Jean Benhaim: Medical probe for clearing obstructions with blood vessels. Benhaim Jean, June 30, 1995: FR2714286-A1

The probe includes an open cylindrical tube (1) inside which there is an electrical wire (4a). At a point well down the probe (2) the wire emerges from a hole in the side. It forms a loop (7,8a) and re-enters the tube at a second point (3). The projecting loop forms the operative part of the probe, ...

Benhaim Jean Jacques: Converting money from one unit to another. Benhaim Jean Jacques, October 9, 1998: FR2761787-A1

The method uses a portable box (1) which has a microprocessor with a keyboard (3,3',4), a memory and a screen, typically liquid crystal. The memory contains the rates of exchange between the various units of money and may be read only or writable. The keyboard comprises a section similar to that on ...