A system for preventing mismating between pluggable electric components. Bendix Aviat, April 13, 1960: GB832658-A (13 worldwide citation)

832,658. Two-part couplings. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. Feb. 17, 1958 [March 8, 1957], No. 5125/58. Class 38 (1). A range of fittings designed to enable subassemblies of automatic pilots, computers, &c. to be plugged into the correct sockets in the main assembly consists of pairs of members A, B s ...

Blowers. Bendix Aviat, August 6, 1948: GB606127-A (11 worldwide citation)

606,127. Centrifugal blowers. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. Aug. 29, 1945, No. 22284. Convention date, Oct. 30, 1944. [Class 110 (i)] The inner surface of the casing of a blower and the adjacent portion of the radiallyvaned impeller have recessed, laterally curved channels which together form a fluid ...

Sealing arrangement for bearing assemblies. Bendix Aviat, June 29, 1960: GB839731-A (10 worldwide citation)

839,731. Stuffing-box substitutes. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. Aug. 14, 1958 [Sept. 19, 1957], No. 26203/58. Class 122 (5). A sealing device 38 for a bearing 14, particularly of an aircraft wheel and brake assembly, comprises a ring of closely spaced bristles 42 held in a clamp member 40 and contac ...

Fricke Guy Clayton, Kasten Walter: Filtering device. Bendix Aviat, February 2, 1955: GB723200-A (10 worldwide citation)

The subject-matter of this Specification is substantially the same as that of Specification 723,107 but the claims are directed to the case where the shell surrounding the pleated filter material is spaced from one of the plates.

Tumble finishing process and tumbling pellets therefor. Bendix Aviat, July 20, 1960: GB842224-A (9 worldwide citation)

Barrell finishing of articles comprises tumbling the articles with pellets of a ceramic abradant dispersed in a metal matrix and then treating the articles in a bath of a liquid that dissolves the matrix at a predetermined rate but does not appreciably dissolve the ceramic ingredient, so as to facil ...

Filter. Bendix Aviat, October 3, 1956: GB758277-A (7 worldwide citation)

758,277. Filters. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. March 12, 1954 [March 31, 1953], No. 7310/54. Class 46. Liquid, for example fuel entering at 12 passes inwardly through the axially-pleated wall of a resin-impregnated-paper filter element 30, through perforations 50 in a metal core 38 and out at 14. On ...


Friction article and method of producing same. Bendix Aviat, November 18, 1959: GB823675-A (6 worldwide citation)

823,675. Making brake shoes. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. July 30, 1957 [July 30, 1956], No. 24162/57. Addition to 784,340, [Group XXXIV]. Class 83 (2). [Also in Groups II and XXXIV] In a friction article for use on a brake shoe, a sintered metal matrix 12 in which are embedded particles of ceramic ...

Improvements in engine starting devices. Bendix Aviat, December 10, 1948: GB614201-A (6 worldwide citation)

614,201. Turning-gear. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. July 5, 1946, No. 20211. Convention date, Aug. 2, 1945. [Class 7 (v)] The engine starter drive described in Specification 566,399 has modified latching means for preventing disengagement of the pinion from the engine gear, said means comprising a b ...

Sealing means for universal joints. Bendix Aviat, February 20, 1948: GB598584-A (6 worldwide citation)

598,584. Universal joint casings. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. Aug. 23, 1945, No. 21623. Convention date, July 27, 1944. [Class 80(ii)] [Also in Group XXVI] A sealing means for a universal joint 16 between driving and driven members 18, 14 comprises a lubricant-resistant flexible closure member 24 e ...