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A method is disclosed of using the public switched telephone network, including the CCIS (Common Channel Interoffice Signaling) system, to provide nationwide personal locator telephone service for called subscribers. In accordance with the service, a calling party may reach a called subscriber where ...

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A method is disclosed for processing call data among telephone switching offices and a remotely situated data base system for deriving call service information needed to complete special service calls, such as INward WATS (Wide Area Telephone Service) calls to a destination specified by the derived ...

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An infrared personnel locator system using a periodic unique infrared identification code emitted from a battery-powered transmitter unit to identify the person carrying the transmitter unit to an overhead infrared receiver as the person enters the receiver's monitoring zone. The transmitter unit id ...

Raffaele A Sabia: Filled cables. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Peter V D Wilde, March 31, 1981: US04259540 (316 worldwide citation)

An improved filling material having superior handling characteristics and useful for waterproofing electrical cables is disclosed. The material is a styrene-ethylene butylene styrene block copolymer dissolved in a naphthenic or paraffinic oil, with polyethylene added for consistency.

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A telephone system is disclosed for providing customized telephone services. A called customer can screen calls incoming to his station based on the identity of the calling line. The calling line's identity is forwarded to the switching office containing the called customer's screening memory. The m ...

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A semiconductor device including a double cavity semiconductor chip carrier 100 which comprises a multilayer ceramic sandwich structure having a pair of semiconductor chip receiving cavities in the opposite faces thereof. The package enables mounting and electrical interconnection of a pair of semic ...

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Operation of a computer system is enhanced by means of a three-dimensional tactile control unit interactively coupled by a software package to the computer. By means of a sticklike mechanism, which is mechanically controlled by a servomotor system and energized by computer-generated signals proporti ...

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A system is disclosed for converting printed text into speech sounds. Text is converted to alpha-numeric signal data, for example, by a scanner and dictionary lookup. Syntax of the input information is then analyzed to determine the proper phrase category, e.g., subject, verb, object, etc., of word ...

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It is known to multiplex speech signals and nonspeech signals over a common communication path. One arrangement uses a portion of the frequency spectrum of the path for speech signals with the remainder for nonspeech signals. Another inserts data signals during gaps in the speech signals. Still anot ...

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A system is disclosed for serving special service calls such as collect, person-to-person and charge-to-third number on a wholly automatic basis without any operator intervention normally being required. The system requests specific information from the calling party such as, his or her name for col ...