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A telecommunications network such as an ATM, Frame Relay or packet based network will be better managed by identifying nodes through which a virtual connection is routed between two end nodes. A new method of tracing the nodes on the route includes sending trace cells downstream of a monitoring node ...

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The system and method consistent with the present invention improves searching and display features of graphical user interfaces by providing automatic compression and expansion of the display during the scroll.

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A removable cover for a telephone unit, which clips into place and is quickly and easily removed by service personnel. A variety of dial forms and other aperture arrangements can be accommodated merely by changing the cover. The main unit housing can be formed to accept all dial and other variations ...

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In a routing method for efficiently routing the interconnections of a printed circuit board, the list of interconnections to be made is ordered to provide a work order for deriving routes. The circuit board is notionally divided into a grid of addressable cells. Then grid lines are considered in tur ...

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A holder for an electret microphone of the type having a front acoustic aperture and peripheral acoustic apertures is made of insulating material and includes a first sleeve portion of a diameter to receive the microphone snugly and a second sleeve portion of larger diameter. An internal stop limits ...

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Apparatus for aligning an article, for example an optical fiber, relative to a datum, for example a Vee groove, another fiber, or a light source, includes means for manipulating the article in two intersecting directions. The manipulating means comprises a part fixed relative to the datum and a firs ...

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A constant current converter utilizing a free running inverter employing current feedback. The inverter output current is sampled and used to control a switching regulator synchronized to the inverter, so that the supply voltage fed to the inverter holds its output current and consequently its outpu ...

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A circuit for indicating a ground current condition at the subscriber end of an operating loop circuit includes a relay having a plurality of coil windings. Two of the coil windings are inserted in series with the tip and ring leads respectively of the loop circuit to detect a current imbalance betw ...

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A housing for a telephone unit such as a private branch exchange is composed of extrusions which hinge together by means of interengaging formations formed as parts of the extrusions. The housing can be opened up for servicing or repair without disconnection and the unit can continue to operate. Pro ...

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A terminal block, particularly for use in confined spaces such as telephone units, having a plurality of rectangular recesses arranged in rows and columns, the rows extending in the direction of the longitudinal axes of the recesses. An upwardly projecting rib extends between each pair of adjacent r ...