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A planetary differential employs a longitudinal shaft having a restricted portion at least two balls directly engaging the longitudinal shaft at said restricted portion forming an inner race. The differential includes further an outer race having a taper engaged by the balls and a cage for the balls ...

Kagan Sholly: Paging receiver having cycling eccentric mass. Bell & Howell Company, November 23, 1971: US3623064 (162 worldwide citation)

A radio-operated paging receiver is fitted with an electrically driven vibrator which causes the receiver to vibrate at a subaudible frequency when a paging signal is received.

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A latch including laterally slideable ferromagnetic members that coact with underlying stationary ferromagnetic members. The latch finds particular utility in a dual-blanket exposure station.

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Apparatus is provided for the control of a video tape or cassette recorder by a microcomputer. The apparatus is interfaced to the video recorder for the input and output of various control signals via the remote control connector of the video recorder. The apparatus also includes interconnections to ...

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Interactive training apparatus is provided as a self-contained, mobile unit. The interactive training apparatus includes a program control unit and audio and video program transducing units responsive to respective program records. The program control unit includes a computer and a control program r ...

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In apparatus powered by electric batteries (e.g.: a paging receiver) having a battery compartment including means to couple the battery in it with a battery charger, the negative (-) charging contact is located at a position nearer to one end of the battery compartment than to the opposite end. A re ...

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Processing events of an insertion machine are managed by a first data processor (DPS1) 100'. The DPS 100' is connected to a second data processor (DPS2) 700 by a data transmission cable 703 whereby the DPS1 sends data formatted in accordance with a plurality of 95-TO-PC COMMANDS to the DPS2 700 and ...

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An unmanned guided vehicle (10) is propelled along a path (P) by a traction mechanism. Movement of the vehicle (10) on the path is controlled by a first control. The vehicle (10) includes storage (40) for storing at least one container (30) and transfer mechanism (44) mounted for vertical movement o ...

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Interactive training method and system is provided for the selective presentation of audio and video training program information to learner-operators. The audio and video program information is transduced from recorded program media under the control of a program control unit. The program control u ...

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In an insertion machine a track 20 moves groups of items past feed stations 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, during respective machine cycles. The feed stations selectively feed items onto the track 20 for inclusion with a group of items and eventual stuffing into an envelope to which postage nee ...