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A system for a clinical lab that is capable of automatically processing, including sorting, of multiple specimen containers. The system comprises a central controller, a workstation, one or more analyzers, and an automated centrifuge. The workstation has automatic detectors for detecting the presenc ...

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Minimally invasive methods for measuring an analyte, such as glucose, contained in tile interstitial fluid of a body are provided. The methods include the steps of.

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An assay device for detection or determination of an analyte in a sample uses opposable components and is suitable for assay of human chorionic gonadotropin and other protein or glycoprotein hormones. One embodiment of the device comprises: (1) a first opposable component including: (a) a first chro ...

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An automatic chemistry analyzer is provided having a high throughput and a high reliability. The analyzer uses nephelometric and turbimetric analyzers to analyze a wide variety of parameters within liquid samples typically generated in, for example, a large medical testing laboratory. The machine em ...

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A portable hand-held blood sampling device having a self-filling capability includes a blood separation filter. The filter has a plurality of pores sized to permit passage of selected blood constituents such as blood plasma through the device. The device has a separated blood conduit that extends be ...

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A flow cytometer includes an optical flow cell through which particles to be characterized on the basis of at least their respective side-scatter characteristics are caused to flow seriatim. A plane-polarized laser beam produced by a laser diode is used to irradiate the particles as they pass throug ...

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A chromatographic assay device for use with immunoassays allows rapid and convenient assays of analytes of biological interest, and permits extractions to be carried out in situ, avoiding the use of separate extraction vessels. The device has a wide dynamic range and avoids interference from particu ...

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The present invention provides a vessel shuttle which can be used, for example, for moving reaction vessels to or from an assay resource station in an automated chemical analyzer. The vessel shuttle has a plurality of movable plates including first and second vessel carrying plates adapted to move c ...

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A magnetic specimen-transport system for transporting racks of specimen-containers to or within an automated clinical instrument for analysis and/or processing. The magnetic specimen-transport system that is adapted to transport magnetically-attractable racks of specimen-containers in mutually perpe ...