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The invention provides a method for treating inflammation caused by the non-specific defense system of a mammalian subject. Inflammation is treated by providing the subject with an anti-inflammatory agent capable of inhibiting granulocyte-endothelial cell adhesion.

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A method for making synthetic oligonucleotides which bind to target sequences in a duplex DNA forming colinear triplexes by binding to the major groove. The method includes scanning genomic duplex DNA and identifying nucleotide target sequences of greater than about 20 nucleotides having either abou ...

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Described is a method of targeting specific genes to the mammary gland which results in the efficient synthesis and secretion of biologically important molecules. Further, there is described as a composition of matter, a transgenic mammal having the ability to reproduce itself and being suitable for ...

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A method and apparatus for identifying molecular structures within a sample substance using an array having a plurality of test sites upon which the sample substance is applied. Each test site includes a probe formed therein to bond with an associated target molecular structure. An electrical signal ...

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The present invention relates to a process for the rapid and simple detection of mutations in DNA and differences between DNA sequences. This competitive oligonucleotide priming system can be used for the detection of any differences between DNA sequences for which a DNA sequence is known. In its ba ...


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Specific nucleolar antigen(s) are found common to a broad range of human malignant tumor specimens and have been isolated, extracted and purified. Antibodies and antisera specific to these nucleolar antigen(s) are harvested from non-human hosts and used for detection of human cancer cells. Disclosed ...

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A method for treating or preventing a BPH in a mammal which comprises administering to said mammal an amount of a drug, comprising an alpha 1-adrenoreceptor antagonist or pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salt thereof, effective for treating or preventing the BPH.