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The present invention provides electroactive polymer transducers configured for surface mode deformation to provide thickness mode actuation. The inventive transducers may find use in various applications, including but not limited to haptic feedback for user interface devices (e.g., key buttons, ke ...

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A mixture of isomeric diisocyanatodiphenylmethanes composed of at least 2,2′-diisocyanato-diphenylmethane, 2,4′-diisocyanatodiphenylmethane and 4,4′-diisocyanatodiphenyl-methane is distilled in at least one stage and a divided-wall column is used in at least one distillation stage.

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A process for the removal of at least one volatile compound from a reactive or unreactive mixture of substances with the aid of at least one micro-evaporator, the micro-evaporator displaying channels for carrying the mixture of substances having a hydraulic diameter of 5 to 1000 μm and a specific ev ...

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The invention describes a composite component based on a sandwich structure, composed of: (a) at least two outer layers which independently of each other comprised at least one film, sheet, fiber mat and/or foam made from metal, plastic, glass, natural material and/or carbon, and (b) a core position ...

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The present invention relates to a process for working up or treating aqueous waste waters which are formed during the nitration of toluene to dinitrotoluene with nitrating acid. These aqueous waste waters containing acidic wash water and alkaline wash water from the dinitrotoluene washing step, and ...

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The present invention is directed to a process for the manufacture of three-dimensional acoustically sound automotive insulation parts. In particular, the process includes mixing a two component polyurethane resin, applying the resin to a substrate, molding the substrate and then trimming and demold ...

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(EN) The invention relates to a multilayered product comprising a first and a second layer. The second layer contains polycarbonate while the first layer represents a UV-protective layer which is based on polyalkyl(meth)acrylate and contains a biphenyl-substituted triazine as a UV stabilizer. The in ...


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The present invention is directed to a non-aqueous composition curable by UV radiation broadly comprising a mixture of two UV curable urethane acrylates. The invention is also directed to a coating process using such composition. One of the urethane acrylates is the reaction product of an isocyanate ...