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Dried hemoactive materials comprise both a cross-linked biologically compatible polymer and a non-cross-linked biologically compatible polymer. The cross-linked polymer is selected to form a hydrogel when exposed to blood. The non-cross-linked polymer is chosen to solubilize relatively rapidly when ...

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The present invention provides a sterile, unitized, economical device furnishing a fluid path between a plurality of solutions to be compounded and a receiving container. The device includes a plurality of fluid connectors and fluid lines sealingly connected to respective pump fittings which provide ...

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Apparatuses, devices, systems and methods for detecting access disconnection are provided. The present invention includes electrical contacts in fluid and electrical communication with a fluid passing between a patient and a medical system during therapy. In this regard, the present invention can us ...

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This invention provides a method to therapeutically increase perfusion in a mammal comprising administering stroma-free hemoglobin at a dose ranging from the least amount effective to increase perfusion, up to a dose of about 2500 mg per kilogram of body weight.

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