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A device for attaching to substantially solid living bone tissue, comprising a body member having an outer surface shaped to fit approximately into an empty space in the tissue and having pores into which the tissue can grow to strengthen the bond between the device and the tissue, and adjustable me ...

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The present invention is an environmental barrier for an OLED. The environmental barrier has a foundation and a cover. Both the foundation and the cover have a top of three layers of (a) a first polymer layer, (b) a ceramic layer, and (c) a second polymer layer. The foundation and/or the cover may h ...

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A barrier assembly. The barrier assembly includes at least one barrier stack having at least one barrier layer and at least one polymer layer. The barrier stack has an oxygen transmission rate of less than 0.005 cc/m

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The invention is a microcomponent sheet architecture wherein macroscale unit processes are performed by microscale components. The sheet architecture may be a single laminate with a plurality of separate microcomponent sections or the sheet architecture may be a plurality of laminates with one or mo ...

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A directive light beam (9) in a wavelength range appropriate for penetrating into body tissues is applied to a portion (20) of patient's body and the energy transmitted or back-scattered by the underlying tissue is analyzed spectrophotometrically for the presence of glucose. Analysis is performed us ...

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A method of and an apparatus for determining the location or position of a surface element with respect to a reference which utilizes polychromatic light and with a holographic lens on the light focuses individual wavelengths thereof to respective focal points at one of which the surface element can ...

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A method and apparatus for focusing dispersed charged particles. More specifically, a series of elements within a region maintained at a pressure between 10.sup.-1 millibar and 1 bar, each having successively larger apertures forming an ion funnel, wherein RF voltages are applied to the elements so ...

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The present invention includes a method of treating solid earthen material having volatile, semi-volatile, and non-volatile contaminants that utilizes electrical energy. A plurality of electrodes are inserted into a region of earthen material to be treated in a selected geometric pattern. Varying ph ...

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The present invention includes carbon nanotubes whose hollow cores are 100% filled with conductive filler. The carbon nanotubes are in uniform arrays on a conductive substrate and are well-aligned and can be densely packed. The uniformity of the carbon nanotube arrays is indicated by the uniform len ...