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The present invention relates to proteins which have an enzymatic activity for hydrolyzing L-pantolactone. The invention further relates to nucleic acids which code for these proteins, to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, genetically modified microorganisms and to a process for preparing D-pantolact ...

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Nucleic acid molecules and proteins useful for regulating the expression of genes in eukaryotic cells and organisms in an inducible manner are disclosed. In the regulatory system of the invention, transcription of a tet operator-linked nucleotide sequence is stimulated by a transcriptional activator ...


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A radiation-sensitive mixture consists of a polymeric binder which is insoluble in water but soluble in aqueous alkaline solutions, and of an organic compound whose solubility in an aqueous alkaline developer is increased by the action of an acid and which contains both one or more acid-cleavable gr ...

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A photopolymerizable recording composition which comprises a mixture, containing a photoinitiator, of (a) a photopolymerizable olefinically unsaturated monomer and (b) an organic polymeric binder, wherein the photoinitiator is an acylphosphine oxide compound of the formula R.sup.1 R.sup.2 PO--CO--R. ...

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A process for the production of divisible tablets by melt calendering in which two molding rolls are combined together, at least one of which has depressions with at least one bar which extends up to the surface line of the molding roll and forms a score.

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The present invention relates to a novel class of shaped bodies containing metal-organic frameworks. Said metal-organic frameworks comprise at least one metal ion and at least one at least bidentate organic compound and contain at least one type of micro- and mesopores or micro- or mesopores. Said s ...

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A process for preparing highly reactive polyisobutenes with a content of terminal vinylidene groups of more than 80 mol % and an average molecular weight of 500-5000 Dalton by the cationic polymerization of isobutene or isobutene-containing hydrocarbon feeds in liquid phase with the aid of boron tri ...