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A process for preparing highly reactive polyisobutenes with a content of terminal vinylidene groups of more than 80 mol % and an average molecular weight of 500-5000 Dalton by the cationic polymerization of isobutene or isobutene-containing hydrocarbon feeds in liquid phase with the aid of boron tri ...

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Transgenic animals carrying two transgenes, the first coding for a transactivator fusion protein comprising a tet repressor and a polypeptide which directly or indirectly activates in eucaryotic cells, and the second comprising a gene operably linked to a minimal promoter operably linked to at least ...

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Paper and cardboard are produced by draining a paper stock by a method in which a stock having a consistency of from 2.5 to 5% by weight is used as a starting material, and (a) from 0.1 to 2% by weight of an activated bentonite are added and the stock consistency is then brought to 0.3-2% by weight ...

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Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding fusion proteins which regulate transcription in eukaryotic cells are disclosed. The fusion proteins of the invention comprise a Tet repressor having at least one amino acid mutation that confers on the fusion protein an ability to bind a class B tet operator ...


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The present invention relates to a process for producing multilayer, solid drug forms for oral or rectal administration, which comprises coextrusion of at least two compositions which in each case comprise a thermoplastic, pharmacologically acceptable polymeric binder which is soluble or swellable i ...

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Photopolymerizable compositions based on an elastomeric styrene-diene block polymer, one or more photopolymerizable olefinically unsaturated monomers and one or more photopolymerization initiators exhibit improved properties if they contain, as an essential constituent, an elastomeric block copolyme ...

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Polypyrrole films are produced by electrochemical polymerization of a pyrrole, or a mixture of a pyrrole with other comonomers, in an electrolyte solvent in the presence of a conductive salt, by a continuous process wherein the pyrrole polymer is deposited in the form of a film on anodic material wh ...

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Thermally curable aqueous compositions comprising a low-acid and an acid-rich polymer component and also a hydroxyalkylated amine are used as binders for shaped articles.