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Pharmaceutical mixtures are prepared by continuous metering of the components and shaping by a conventional method.



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An aqueous solution containing from 0.81 to 1.3 moles of piperazine per liter is used as a washing agent for removing impurities such as H.sub.2 S, CO.sub.2 and COS from gases. Piperazine can also be used, in amounts of up to 0.8 mole per liter, together with physical or chemical solvents, to accele ...

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Linear basic polymers containing, as characteristic components, from 90 to 10 mole % of copolymerized units of the formula ##STR1## and from 10 to 90 mole % of copolymerized units of the formula ##STR2## are obtained by polymerizing the compound of the formula CH.sub.2 .dbd.CH--NH--CHO (N-vinylforma ...

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The present invention relates to soluble catalyst systems for the polymerization of C.sub.2 - to C.sub.10 -alk-l-enes, containing, as active constituents,

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Process for the preparation of solid pharmaceutical forms by mixing one or more pharmaceutical active compounds with one or more fusible, pharmacologically tolerated binders and, if required, other conventional pharmaceutical auxiliaries, at from 50.degree. to 180.degree. C., and subjecting the mixt ...

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A process for the hydrogenation of an organic compound containing at least one carbonyl group comprises bringing the organic compound in the presence of hydrogen into contact with a shaped body which can be produced by a process in which (i) an oxidic material comprising copper oxide, zinc oxide and ...

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A liquid-crystalline polymer phase having an induced cholesteric structure comprises a component having a chiral structure and a component having a nematic structure and contains a polymer with nematogenic units of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is hydrogen or methyl, n is an integer from 1 to ...