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A breathing circuit is provided for conveying an inspiratory gas from a gas dispensing apparatus to a patient, and for conveying an expiratory gas from the patient. The circuit includes a corrugated expiratory tube having a first end and a second end. The expiratory tube has a relaxed length. A corr ...

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A display system, a light emitting tile, and a method of constructing a display system are provided. In one embodiment, a display system comprises a support structure having a plurality of attachment members, and a plurality of tiles. Each of the plurality of tiles has an attachment point configured ...

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An intelligent lighting module for use in a lighting or display module system which is composed of an array of lighting modules, each of the lighting modules being provided with a display board with an array of individual pixel lighting elements and with a control board capable of controlling serial ...

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A method and apparatus for determining a small number of parameters that spectrally characterize colorants by a small number of parameters and for using such colorant parameters to predict the spectral reflection or transmission characteristics of such colorants when laid on top of one another, eith ...

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Waxy barley grain of reduced particle size is heated to inactivate natural enzymes to obtain an enzyme inactivated meal, and beta-glucans are extracted from the meal with water. Preferably, inactivation of enzymes is by heating at about 90.degree.-115.degree. C. for about 1 to 2 hours. Solids obtain ...

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A method and a device for soft edge blending of projected display images (16a, 16b) is provided. The method combines optical and electrical soft edge blending in an blending area (26) by using electrical blending in one fraction (146a, 146b) of the blending area (26a, 26b) of two or more overlapping ...

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Methods and systems are described for illumination in different applications. Real thin illumination systems (200) with good luminance uniformity, good efficiency and good colour mixing uniformity are obtained, even if different light sources emitting different colours are used. A plurality of light ...

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Method for adjusting one or more projectors, each projector generating a number of light beams of different color, characterized in that the projected picture (

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an intelligent lighting module used for a lighting or display module system.SOLUTION: The lighting module includes a control board which controls serial data inputted from a display board including an array of individual pixel lighting elements and a video source for ...

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A display pixel module for use in a configurable large-screen display application, with an array of pixels (122) mounted at the front (200) of the module (120) and provided with input and output connectors (206–207), characterized in that at least some of the side walls (202) and of the upper and lo ...