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A process for continuously gasifying carbonaceous material using fluidizing medium and oxygen-containing gas, under controlled feed rates and certain delivery conditions, and under selective processing conditions to produce a product rich in carbon monoxide and hydrogen is provided. If desired, the ...

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Process of preparing nitric acid (having a concentration of over 70 percent by weight) by catalytically oxidizing ammonia with air to form NO.sub.2, absorbing the NO.sub.2 in water or aqueous nitric acid, increasing the partial pressure of the NO.sub.2 partly by compression and partly by passage thr ...





Retaining in place of filter beds of ion exchanger resins. Bamag Verfahrenstechnik, March 21, 1973: GB1310928-A

1310928 Ion exchange BAMAG VERFAHRENSTECHNIK GmbH 30 April 1970 20948/ 70 Heading B1J Prior to regeneration of an ion exchange bed B, a granular mass is forced by the passage of liquid from vessel D to the exchanger vessel A in which it occupies the entire volume above the exchange bed and also at l ...

Regeneration of adsorbers. Bamag Verfahrenstechnik, April 14, 1976: GB1431805-A

1431805 Regenerating absorbents BAMAG VERFAHRENSTECHNIK GmbH 7 May 1973 [6 May 1972] 21729/73 Heading B1L A solid absorbent which has been used to remove constitutent(s) of a gas stream is regenerated by flushing with a stream of vapour at a temperature sufficient to vapourise and flush out the cons ...