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In video lottery terminals that employ touch screens to permit a number of different games to be played on the same machine, the play of certain games can be improved by using electromechanical game buttons in conjunction with touch screen controls.

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An information and communication system permits communication between gaming machines and a central control system and between a player or operator and a central control system. The system includes a central data processor, a control unit for each gaming machine within the system which is in communi ...

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A gaming machine accounting and monitoring system includes a plurality of accumulative, non-resettable accounting meters and an event processor for sensing game activity at the gaming machine and updating the accounting meters in response thereto. The system also includes separate game credit meters ...

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A gaming machine has a plurality of symbol-bearing reels which are rotated to place the symbols in visual association with a win line. When the reels are brought to a halt, at least one symbol from each reel is associated with the win line. However, the win line has at least two indicating portions ...

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A gaming machine uses a time-based method for generating game results having nonuniform probability. The gaming machine employs an addressable memory in cooperation with a counter and a clock. The clock generates a very fast series of pulses, and includes a digital-to-analog converter. The counter h ...

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In order to provide a progressive gaming system with greater speed, flexibility and reliability a communication unit is used to control the information transmitted between a group of gaming machines and a progressive controller. The communication unit collects coin-in information from each of the ga ...

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A gaming machine produces truly random results using a noisy oscillator to randomly vary the frequency of a clock signal used to cycle a counter through its states. Multiple random numbers can be generated during the same game using the same circuitry, yet still achieve truly random results.

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Providing change to gaming machine players is facilitated by the use of a change card having a memory storing a cash value which a change person can use to input a credit into a gaming machine in exchange for cash from a player. A game monitor unit having a card reader, a keypad and a display is att ...

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An enhanced mechanical gaming system (10) utilizes a touch panel (40) as a user control device for mechanical assemblies and game play features which provides users with the enhanced flexibility and interactivity of a video gaming device in a mechanical gaming device environment. The enhanced mechan ...

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A system automatically monitors playing and wagering of a game. A card deck reader automatically reads a symbol identifying a respective rank and suit of each card in a deck before a first cards is removed. A chip tray reader automatically images the contents of a chip tray for verifying that proper ...