Arnaud Ballu: Rigging for sailing boats. Ballu Arnaud, July 21, 1995: FR2715124-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

The sail (3) has two surfaces (12,13) and passes around the mast (2). A wishbone, passing around the mast and sail, is secured to the mast. Each surface of the sail is fitted with a number of parallel battens (14,15) in conventional pockets extending from fittings (18) on the mast to the leaches (10 ...

Aerial wing for towing floating craft has chambers reinforced by flexible glass or carbon fibre rods. Ballu Arnaud, March 2, 2001: FR2797847-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The wing consists of a series of chambers (20) between upper and lower membranes, separated by ribs (13) in a aerofoil profile and connected by lines to a control system e.g. of bars. Each chamber is held under tension by at least one flexible rod (61, 62) made especially from glass or carbon fibres ...

Ballu Arnaud: Double surface sail for sail board or boat. Ballu Arnaud, July 23, 1999: FR2773773-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The sail which passes around the front part of a mast is composed of a port side casing extending between the mast and the port side trailing edge. A starboard casing extends between the mast and the starboard trailing edge. A series of ribs (10), placed along an axis perpendicular to the mast, are ...

Ballu Arnaud: Overboard man distress kite having rounded panels following assembly axis and arcs moving relative each other forward/rear crossing points forming sail planes passing perpendicular/parallel position. Ballu Arnaud, June 20, 2003: FR2833574-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The distress kite has two rounded panels following an assembly axis (5). There are two arcs (2V,2H) moving with respect to each other at forward and rear crossing points. The arcs form sail planes (1V,1H) allowing the arc to pass between a perpendicular and parallel position.

Ballu Arnaud: Safety device for kite pilots harness end comprises ring fixed to end by removable spindle fixed to pilot by cord and safety bracelet. Ballu Arnaud, January 25, 2002: FR2812055-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The jettison safety device for a harness end comprises a ring (7) fixed to an end (5) by a removable spindle (12). The spindle is fixed to the pilot by a cord (9) and a safety bracelet (15) enabling the pilot to activate the jettison system.

Ballu Arnaud: Aerial wing for towing floating craft has mesh panels or holes at trailing edge to let out any water. Ballu Arnaud, March 2, 2001: FR2797846-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The wing comprises a series of linked chambers (20) of aerofoil section, separated by ribs (13) and each having an upper (12) and a lower (19) membrane. It is connected by lines to a craft on the surface of the water and can be maneuvered by bars or other control system. Each chamber has a mesh pane ...

Rigging for a sailing craft. Ballu Arnaud, April 12, 1996: FR2725418-A1

Rigging, in particular for a sailing boat or sailboard, including a wing-shaped sail assembly divided into identically shaped first (12) and second (13) sails that may be joined together at the leading edge by means of quick fastening members (40) arranged along the mast (2). Battens (14, 15) for sh ...

Ballu Arnaud: Rigging for windsurfed or boat. Ballu Arnaud, June 4, 1999: FR2771705-A1

The rigging uses a mast (94) with a sail (10), shaped as a wing which passes around the front of the mast and is made up of a port envelope (18) and a starboard envelope (20). Battens hold the shape of the envelopes and are parallel to one another, perpendicular to the mast. Flexible connectors conn ...

Ballu Arnaud, Royannais Arielle: Control and fixing device for the sail of a kite. Ballu Arnaud, March 2, 2005: EP1509445-A1

A control and fixing device, for the sail of a kite, comprises a strut element (11), fixed to each end of the sail (1), between sliding bodies (9A, 9B) securing the passage of a sliding foreline (8A) and for the maintenance of a given separation between the front and rear attachments (5A, 5B) indepe ...

Ballu Arnaud Michel Ghyslain: Filoir nut system comprises base fixing running filoir with eyelet passed through by fixed cord, base having upper and lower housings for upper and lower screws. Ballu Arnaud Michel Ghyslain, November 19, 2004: FR2854866-A1

The filoir system is composed of a base (2) fixing a running filoir (3) provided with an eyelet (3A) passed through by a fixed cord and enabling wear due multiple rubbings generated by the cord to be reduced. The base is provided with upper (4) and lower (5) cylindrical housings receiving upper (6) ...

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