Leone Joseph G: Low temperature storage system. Leone Joseph G, Bacon Brian, TRUTER Kenneth Colin, October 30, 2008: WO/2008/129519 (1 worldwide citation)

A low temperature storage system is disclosed in which the stored products carry RFID tags and there are antenna, preferably patch antenna, provided to detect the presence of the tags in the low temperature environment. The antenna can be on containers which receive the products being stored or on t ...

Pietersen Andreas Jacobus: Method of storing cd cassettes and holder for use in the method. Pietersen Andreas Jacobus, Bacon Brian, LEE Nicholas John, October 2, 1997: WO/1997/036299

A CD cassette, when not in use, is placed in a holder so that a major face of the cassette is displayed, the holder being such as to form a picture frame around the major face.

Smiedt Leslie: Equipment which includes electronics. Bacon Brian, sPAGET Hugh C E, February 3, 1994: WO/1994/002913

To enable control to be exercised over the use of equipment, a chip is built into the electronic circuitry of the equipment which chip has stored therein a series of pseudorandom numbers. When a crypto unit of the chip receives a first number generated by a controlling computer the pseudorandom numb ...

Smiedt Leslie: Adjustable fasteners for waist bands. Bacon Brian, DOWNEY William Gerrard, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025103

The adjustable waist band fastener disclosed comprises two components, namely, a button (34) and a plate (46) which can be fixed to one end portion of a waist band. The plate (46) has a slot (50) running along it. The button (34) passes through the slot (50) and can be displaced along the slot. The ...

Graham William: Water desalination. Garfield International Investments, Graham William, Bacon Brian, SILVERMAN Warren, June 19, 1997: WO/1997/021630

A desalination plant (10) is disclosed which includes a pump for pumping water at a pressure of between 50 and 65 Bar to a generally cylindrical filter element (30) which includes a plurality of reverse osmosis membranes defining salt passages. Immediately upstream of the filter element (30) there i ...

Meyer Stephen William: Adjustable video display screen. Bacon Brian, BACON Brian, May 17, 2001: WO/2001/035198

The invention is an enhancement to video display screens (14) which enables enhanced adjustment to the position of the video display screen (14). The invention enables a user to easily raise the video display screen (14) a variable number of inches vertically above, for example, the keyboard of a co ...

Hourahane Donald Henry: Production of fibres for use as reinforcing in concrete. Bacon Brian, BACON Brian, May 10, 2001: WO/2001/032341

An apparatus and method are disclosed for producing a stream of short fibres which can be used for the purpose of reinforcing a cementitious mix. One ore more strands (S1, S2) are fed between an acoustic horn (22) or heater and a drum (12) carrying a plurality of anvils. The strand is weakened, but ...

Van, Wyk Hendrik Jakobus: Pipe fitting. Van, Wyk Hendrik Jakobus, Bacon Brian, Salvador Ventures, PIESOLD Alex, November 15, 2001: WO/2001/086186

A pipe fitting is disclosed which is in the form of a T-piece (34) with three sleeves (36.1, 36.2, 36.3) which constitute sockets. Each sleeve has internal threading (16.1, 16.2, 16.3), and tapers (20.1, 20.2, 20.3) Nuts (24.1, 24.2, 24.3) having external threading (28.1, 28.2, 28.3), spigots (30.1, ...

Slomovich Juda: Auxiliary telephone unit for providing extended telephone services. Bacon Brian, BACON Brian, October 4, 2001: WO/2001/074038

An auxiliary telephone unit, to be connected between a subscriber's telephone and a telephone line to enable the subscriber's telephone to provide a selected one of a plurality of extended telephone services, includes a housing having a first electrical connector connected to the subscriber's teleph ...

SEGAL Maurice: [fr] STRUCTURES DE STOCKAGE, [en] STORAGE STRUCTURES. SEGAL Maurice, BACON Brian, TRUTER Kenneth Colin, March 7, 2013: WO/2013/030781

[en] A storage structure (10) according to the invention comprises a plurality of pallets (14) that is each configured to carry a load such as a car (16), a vertical conveyor (12) including a number of endless chains (26), a support structure (24) that defines storage bays (18) in which the pallets ...