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An integrated circuit card is used with a terminal. The integrated circuit card includes a memory that stores an interpreter and an application that has a high level programming language format. A processor of the card is configured to use the interpreter to interpret the application for execution a ...

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A card-like portable article having a microcontroller comprises a memory that contains a set of instructions allowing the microcontroller to communicate in accordance with a first communication protocol. The card-like portable article further comprises an interface for converting commands in accorda ...

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A data processing device including a microcontroller and configured to communicate with at least one remote system distributed on a network, said data processing device and said remote system adapted to store a plurality of parameters identifying a user account belonging to a subscriber, said data p ...

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The invention relates to a personal token (in particular a SIM card), a system comprising a personal token and a communication device (in particular a cellular phone), and a method for parental control of the services of the communication device. The personal token of the invention comprises connect ...

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The invention relates to a portable device (100a,100b) (in particular a SIM card), a communication device (in particular a cellular phone) and a system comprising a portable device and a communication device. The portable device of the invention comprises processing means, external communication mea ...

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The invention relates to an OTP token (OTP-SIM). The OTP token (OTP_SIM) comprises linking means. The linking means are set to generate an OTP seed, to encrypt the OTP seed with an asymmetric public key of an OTP server (OTP_SRV), and to send the encrypted OTP seed to the OTP server (OTP_SRV). This ...

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A method and microcontroller for secure object sharing between applications executing on the microcontroller. A server application registers a delegate object with the operating system of the microcontroller. The delegate object permits access to the public interfaces of the server while enforcing s ...

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The invention concerns a portable object, such as a chipcard, capable of contactless communication with a reader located in the neighbourhood of said object, the object comprising an integrated circuit, an antenna (11) having first (11a) and second (11b) pads, and an object body (10). The invention ...

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For an application running on a smart card, a user interface to be displayed on a terminal device provided. Hypertext pages are dynamically created by the application running on the smart card and served to a browser running on the terminal device.

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A card comprises electrical contacts (32, 34) for communicating data in the form of a differential accordance with a universal serial bus (USB) standard. The card can be inserted in a card reader having complementary electrical contacts (16). The card has an insertion edge (A) which traverses the co ...