Diagana Melissa, Brockstedt Dirk: Vectors for expressing multiple transgenes. Aventis Pharmacueticals Produc, May 7, 2003: EP1308517-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to recombinant vectors, expression cassettes, and nucleic acids, the use of which enables the expression of multiple transgenes from a single vector. Preferably, the vectors are plasmids, adeno-associated virus, or adenovirus vectors that can be used to infect and create mammal ...

Sledeski Adam W, Grondard Luc, Powers Matthew R, Powner Tory H, O& 039, Brien Michael K, Tsuei Ching T, Leon Patrick, Kubiak Gregory G, Pailleres Hubert Laurence, Viguier Benoit: Process for preparing n6-substituted deaza-adenosine derivatives. Aventis Pharmacueticals Produc, October 10, 2001: EP1140933-A2

This invention is directed to a process for preparing N6-substituted adenosine derivatives, to intermediates useful therefor and to methods of preparing these intermediates.