Andreas G Weichert
Andreas Weichert, Joachim Brendel, Heinz Werner Kleemann, Hans Jochen Lang, Jan Robert Schwark, Wolfgang Scholz, Udo Albus: 4-fluoroalkyl-substituted benzoylguanidines, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament containing them. Aventis Pharma Deutschland, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, December 5, 2000: US06156800 (4 worldwide citation)

There are described benzoylguanidines of the formula I ##STR1## where R(1) is R(4)--SO.sub.m, R(5)R(6)N--SO.sub.2 --; O.sub.p --(CH.sub.2).sub.q --(CF.sub.2).sub.r --CF.sub.3 ; --SR(10), --OR(10) or --CR(10)R(11)R(12); R(2) is --(CH.sub.2).sub.u --(CF.sub.2).sub.t --CF.sub.3 ; R(3) is hydrogen or in ...


Johann Ertl, Paul Habermann, Karl Geisen, Gerhard Seipke: Insulin derivatives having a rapid onset of action. Aventis Pharma Deutschland, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, April 24, 2001: US06221633 (72 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to insulin derivatives which in comparison to human insulin, have an accelerated onset of action, to a process for their preparation and to their use, in particular in pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In particular, the present inventi ...

Gary A Flynn, Barbara A Anderson, Manfred Gerken, Bernd Jablonka, Heinz Werner Kleemann, Wolfgang Linz, Werner Seiz, Bernhard Seuring: Mercaptoacetylamide derivatives, a process for their preparation and their use. Aventis Pharma Deutschland, Lawrence L Martin, Balaram Gupta, August 5, 2003: US06602866 (72 worldwide citation)

This invention discloses and claims a series of mercaptoacetylamide derivatives of formula I. Also disclosed and claimed are pharmaceutical compositions incorporating these compounds and processes for preparing said compounds. The use of said compounds for inhibition of the enzymes angiotensin conve ...


Reinhard Kirsch, Hans Ludwig Schaefer, Eugen Falk, Horst Hemmerle: Sulfonylcarboxamide derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals. Aventis Pharma Deutschland, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, January 29, 2002: US06342512 (50 worldwide citation)

Sulfonylcarboxamide derivatives of formula I, their physiologically acceptable salts and/or physiologically functional derivatives, methods of making these compounds, their use for preparing medicines for the prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerotic disorders. The compounds of ...

Schwink Lothar, Stengelin Siegfried, Gossel Matthias, Böhme Thomas, Hessler Gerhard, Stahl Petra, Gretzke Dirk: (De) Substituierte n-arylheterozyklen, verfahren zu ihrer herstellung und ihre verwendung als arzneimittel, (En) Substituted n-arylheterocycles, method for production and use thereof as medicaments. Aventis Pharma Deutschland, ISENBRUCK Günter, August 26, 2004: WO/2004/072025 (50 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to N-arylheterocycles and the physiologically-acceptable salts and physiologically-functional derivatives thereof. Compounds of formula (I), where the groups have the given meanings, the N-oxides and the physiologically-acceptable salts and methods for production thereof a ...



Karl Theodor Kraemer, Karl Heinz Nietsch, Rainer Pooth, Uwe Muenster, Wolfgang Mehnert, Monika Schaefer Korting: Preparations for topical administration of substances having antiandrogenic activity. Aventis Pharma Deutschland, Ronald G Ort, April 5, 2005: US06875438 (43 worldwide citation)

A preparation comprising at least one form of lipid nanoparticles or a nanoemulsion comprising at least one compound of the formula I and/or one stereoisomeric form of the compound of the formula I and/or one physiologically tolerated salt of the compound of the formula I, in which R1 is —(C5-C17)-a ...

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