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A vehicle safety system is provided that includes an alcohol concentration determining arrangement. A control unit is adapted to receive and analyze data from the alcohol concentration determining arrangement and output a blocking signal or a dissuasion signal under certain conditions. A blocking ar ...

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A knee airbag system disposed in an instrument panel accommodates one or more members extending from the instrument panel and through the system. The system includes a housing secured to the instrument panel or to a firewall of the vehicle. The housing may be configured with a housing aperture to al ...

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An airbag cushion is disclosed for use in automotive protective systems. The airbag cushion includes at least one closeable vent for re-directing gas out of the cushion when an obstruction is encountered. The airbag cushion includes a fold for maintaining the cord in a slack condition.

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A pyrotechnic inflator for an airbag module is disclosed. The pyrotechnic inflator may have a generally tubular housing that contains an initiator, a baffle, and a quantity of inflation gas generant. The generant is disposed in a compartment defined by the baffle. The baffle has a passageway with a ...

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An air-bag for a motor vehicle, comprising an inflatable element(1) adapted to be mounted in position in or adjacent the roof of the vehicle extending along the side of the vehicle so that the inflatable element, when inflated, forms a curtain located between the occupant of the vehicle and the side ...