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An improved adaptive output inflator is provided wherein inflator performance, such as measured by inflator gas output, can be appropriately varied and selected by appropriately varying and selecting the operational oxidant composition of the inflator.

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The application provides airbag cushion deployment restraint systems for use in inflatable airbag cushions. The deployment restraint systems of the invention regulate deployment of an airbag cushion to provide full radial expansion of the cushion prior to final expansion of the cushion toward a vehi ...

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An inflatable bolster system is provided for supporting a body portion of a vehicle occupant such as the knees and lower body or pelvis during a collision. The inflatable bolster includes a decorative substantially rigid front panel and an expandable metal rear panel attached to the non-metal decora ...

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A locking arrangement is provided comprising a retaining element which is positionable to retain a lockable element in position. A combination of an actuating element and a counter weight are provided which are inter-connected to rotate simultaneously in a predetermined manner about axes of rotation ...

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A valve in the wall of an airbag is opened in response to a time delayed or pressure based signal after the initiation of inflation. Embodiments include: A plastics insert of defined thickness incorporating an arcuate area of reduced thickness which is punctured by a pyrotechnic and allowed to rip o ...

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A novel airbag curtain fold configuration for a safety restraint system, especially well suited to protect occupants of a vehicle from lateral impact is described. One or more airbag curtains are provided to inflate between an occupant and a lateral surface, such as a door or side window. The airbag ...

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An airbag cushion is disclosed for use in automotive protective systems. The airbag cushion includes at least one closeable flap vent for re-directing gas out of the cushion when an obstruction is encountered. The airbag cushion also includes a tether for controlling the closeable flap vent.

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A glove compartment assembly incorporates a compact airbag module with a cushion constructed at least partially of a rigid material. The cushion may be sandwiched between front and rear door covers so that inflation of the cushion moves the front door cover toward the knees of a vehicle user to prov ...

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An airbag module is disclosed which, in one configuration, inflates from a vehicle seat to protect a vehicle occupant against lateral impact. The airbag module has a cushion with a pelvic chamber and a thoracic chamber. The airbag module also has an inflation assembly including an inflator within a ...

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A thin compressible overhead airbag module provides inflatable overhead passive restraint protection to out of position occupants within a vehicle. The flat module design is compressed following assembly, making the compressed module thin enough to be mounted in the overhead space between the vehicl ...