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Hydrocarbon process equipment is protected against fouling by incorporating into the hydrocarbon being processed small amounts of a composition comprised of a dialkylhydroxylamine and an organic surfactant.

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An electrode well is described which utilizes a hydraulic fracture filled with conductive proppant as an electrode of extended contact with a formation. A highly conductive section of cement liner around the casing delivers current to the proppant particles.

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A water-absorbing polymer composition which comprises a copolymer comprising recurring units of an alpha , beta -unsaturated monomer bearing two groups each independently selected from the group consisting of a carboxyl group and a group convertible to a carboxyl group, and recurring units of a copo ...

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Compositions comprising boron-promoted reducible metal oxides (expecially reducible oxides of Mn) and optionally containing alkali and alkaline earth metal components are disclosed, as well as use thereof for hydrocarbon conversions characterized by formation of byproduct water. Particular processes ...

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A method for converting methane to higher hydrocarbon products and coproduct water wherein a gas comprising methane and a gaseous oxidant are contacted with a nonacidic catalyst at temperatures within the range of about 700.degree. to 1200.degree. C. in the presence of a halogen promoter, the contac ...


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Esterified epoxide-extended polyols (EEEPs) of the formula P(OH)a+c(EPO)n(FE)b where P is a polyol having a = 2-8 primary hydroxyls, c = 0-8 secondary and tertiary hydroxyls, a + c is in the range of 3-8, EPO is a C3-C6 epoxide, FE is a fatty acid acyl moiety, n is the minimum epoxylation index aver ...

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Cutting tools are disclosed which are comprised of composite bodies comprising a ceramic matrix reinforced by ceramic whiskers. The ceramic matrix may be alumina or silicon nitride, and may contain toughening components. The whiskers are preferably silicon carbide, but may be other known ceramic whi ...

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An improved game ball is manufactured from a polyurethane foam prepared from a hydroxyl-containing diene polymer, a catalyst system comprised of a tin compound and a tertiary amine and a surfactant system comprised of a non-hydrolyzable silicone-polyether copolymer and a polydialkylsiloxane.

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This invention relates to a process for hydroconverting a hydrocarbon chargestock having the steps of: heating the chargestock to produce a minor amount of coke; contacting the coke within the chargestock with a minor effective amount of an oil-soluble metal compound, the metal being selected from t ...