Joseph Hoshen: Locator device useful for house arrest and stalker detection. AT&T IPM, Michael B Johannesen, Mony R Ghose, October 24, 1995: US05461390 (465 worldwide citation)

A locator device for monitoring the location of subjects, usable in conjunction with a database system connected to a wireless network, wherein the database system causes a polling signal to be sent periodically to each of the subject's locator devices in the area. The locator device includes a wire ...

David M Claus: Secure money transfer techniques using smart cards. AT&T IPM, Steven R Bartholomew, October 24, 1995: US05461217 (314 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for providing secure electronic financial transactions are disclosed. Money is electronically stored on a plurality of smart cards. At least one smart card is equipped with an electronic security wall having a closed state and an open state. In the closed state, the smart card is ...

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A multi-code code division multiple access system allows a user at a radio transmitter unit to dynamically change its source data bit rate. In response to a user input selecting one of the plurality of source bit rates, an adjustable coding circuit in the transmitter spreads and transmits the user's ...

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A computer input device for use as a computer mouse or keyboard comprises a thin, insulating surface covering an array of electrodes. Such electrodes are arranged in a grid pattern and can be connected in columns and rows. Each column and row is connected to circuitry for measuring the capacitance s ...

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Smart card techniques are disclosed for integrating and administering records related to the ownership and/or operation of motor vehicles. A smart identification card stores and administers a plurality of motor vehicle records corresponding to a single motorist. These motor vehicle records include i ...

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A wide variety of call traffic is effectively integrated in a single broadband communications network. Calls having widely differing bandwidth requirements and sensitivities to delay are handled by the network with efficient, effective, and fair bandwidth allocation and transmission scheduling. This ...

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Disclosed is an optical fiber distribution apparatus with slide-out trays including optical connectors and splice trays mounted thereon. Each tray has a hinged protective cover and a front portion which drops down to provide access to the connectors. The splice tray is mounted on a platform elevated ...

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Disclosed is a distribution unit which provides means for tracing patch connections. Each module is electrically connected to a shelf controller through a backplane. The shelf controllers are, in turn, coupled to a host computer. Pressing a button on one module lights an LED on that module and on th ...

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A method for use in a telecommunications system in which a call sequencing facility allows a caller who is trying to reach a called subscriber to be routed to each of a sequence of telephone numbers specified by the subscriber, even though a call placed to one such telephone number is answered.

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A method of coding a video signal at a fixed bit rate with use of a vector quantization codebook, wherein advantageous codebook updates are determined by comparing a coding error associated with a first provisional coding of a frame with a coding error associated with a second provisional coding of ...