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Unified messaging is a concept that provides for a single electronic mailbox for different types of messages. The mailbox can be on a user's host computer, PBX, PC, etc., and the user has consistant facilities available to originate, receive and manipulate messages. Messages can be translated from o ...

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A user-application program for computerized telephone ordering is generated y a system designer who selects and interconnects pre-defined program modules and subroutines using a graphics terminal. The application program allows TOUCH-TONE input data and voice response. The present invention describe ...

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A personal computer connected to a display and touch screen panel is provided with a form entry system integrated therewith. The form entry system is adapted to display a predefined form and to automatically display a predefined tool, such as a keyboard, menu, calculator, etc., to facilitate inputti ...

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An electronic circuit board electrically connected to other circuits of a data processing system by means of a bus, may be removed and re-inserted in the system without the necessity of disabling other circuits connected to the bus. A latch actuated switch provides a control signal in anticipation o ...

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An adjunct call manager unit connects to a station set port of a telephone communication system and receives button identification and status signals to determine line, agent, and feature activation status of the system. In response to one or more of the received status signals, commands are sent to ...

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In a telephone local loop transmission arrangement, data is communicated from the customer premises to the central office utilizing a multi-dimensional, passband signal illustratively at 480 kb/s and 1.544 Mb/s.

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Improved alternate routing in a packet switching system is provided by inserting alternate routing control information into each packet and by storing alternate routing information at each network node. The stored information at each node includes a list of the available paths extending from the nod ...

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This adaptive environment control system provides an HVAC control system that adapts to the continually-changing thermal characteristics of the building in which it operates. The adaptive environment control system periodically estimates the thermal characteristics of the building and uses these est ...

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This integrated message service system provides a user both with an indication of which of a plurality of message service systems contain unretrieved messages and access to these unretrieved messages. This is accomplished by the serving telephone switching system maintaining a translation memory tha ...

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There is disclosed a method of setting up, manipulating, and taking down communication connections. The telephone instrument would include a graphics screen, such as a PC, and a series of call appearance boxes would be represented on the screen. Each possible party to a connection would be represent ...