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A system for long-term remote medical monitoring is especially suitable for the medical supervision of astronauts onboard a space station. The system includes at least one autonomous sensor unit (SU) with a sensor (

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A waveguide is provided that includes an elongate dielectric inner region, and an electrically conducting outer region spaced apart from the dielectric inner region. The dielectric inner region may be arranged to be flexible, and in some examples may be formed from powdered dielectric contained in a ...

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For providing video-on-demand (VOD) a set comprising a plurality of N video programs at staggered time intervals is repeatedly transmitting from a VOD server to a network for access by a view box of an user; responsive to a request for access to a selected program by the user, there is selection of ...

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The invention relates to a production method for a solar cell and to the solar cell itself which comprises an integrated bypass diode on the side facing away from the incidence of light and which can be produced in a simple manner by diffusion. A one-piece electric conductor serves to connect two su ...

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A recovery craft with a coupling arrangement captures, engages, and transports a defective or expended non-maneuverable spacecraft. The coupling arrangement includes a coupling mast (e.g. a telescoping pipe), a releasable rigid mount that secures one end of the coupling mast to the recovery craft, a ...

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A person can safely descend from a burning high-rise building or the like using an inflatable flying body that has a hollow conical form in an inflated deployed condition, but is deflated and folded into a backpack form in a stowed condition. The flying body includes an upper stabilizing ring, a low ...

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A thermal protection system suitable as a heat shield for a space vehicle includes a flexible insulation mat that is adhesively bonded onto the outer skin of the space vehicle, a cover layer made of at least one ply of a ceramic fiber composite material secured onto the insulation mat, and a coating ...

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Device for supplying fuel for a rocket propulsion unit has a first and at least a second fuel circuit for respective different fuels. Each fuel is brought to an increased energy level by a pump and is supplied for combustion by way of injection elements. The first fuel is heated in cooling channels ...

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In order to control the attitude of a satellite having at least four gyroscopic actuators with respective spinners mounted on gimbals steerable about axes parallel to one or the other of only two different directions that are fixed relative to the satellite, the attitude of the satellite is measured ...

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The transmission/reception system has a number of transmission/reception modules (1) each having a transmission channel (3) and a reception channel (2). Each transmission/reception module has at least one local oscillator (17), using a common central reference frequency of between 5 and 500 MHz, whi ...