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A terminator for use with an optical fiber access port structure that supports an optical fiber having an optical end face exposed to communicate with a like end face of another fiber, the terminator comprising a pig-tail-free compact supporting body carrying within itself light-absorbing means and ...

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Bends in optical fibers can be miniaturized by reducing the diameter of a section of the fiber in the region where bending is desired to a condition in which the optical properties of the fiber have reduced bend-loss sensitivity. In one aspect of the invention, radii of curvature less than 100 micro ...

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An optical fiber unit consists of one or more optical fibers configured to provide an optical function, a preformed internal protective body having a preformed space into which the fiber(s) extend with a relatively close fit, the internal protective body being of a material of hardness and coefficie ...

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A fiber optic coupler has at least two optical fibers each having a core with a cladding material disposed thereabout. The fibers, in a limited length coupling region, have the cladding material removed and the core exposed, the thickness of the cladding material increasing is smooth transition from ...

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An electro-optical converter has at least three optical or electrical ports at least one of which is optical and one of which is electrical. The converter includes an essentially rigid support, a fiber-optic lateral coupler secured to the support including at least two length-wise continuous optical ...

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A method and apparatus of polishing the end of an optical fiber that produces relative lateral movement between the end of the fiber and an abrasive surface while changing the angle of attack of the relative movement at a rate greater than about 10,000 arc degrees per second.

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For communicating over optical routes, route monitoring and protection are provided. In routes carrying signals on each of a number of wave lengths a tapped fraction of the signal is demultiplexed and an individual wave length is detected for determining performance and for triggering switching to a ...

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A fiber optic coupler and method for forming such coupler is shown in which the substance of the fibers is preselected to have a heat fusing temperature in a range achievable by exterior heating of a shrink sleeve, and the fibers are heat fused together along a limited length region within the shrun ...

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The invention features a fiber optic coupler package including a rigid substrate and at least two side-by-side optical fibers joined in a coupler region. The substrate has a coefficient of thermal expansion substantially matched to that of the fibers. Each fiber extends axially to opposite sides of ...

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A means of fabricating wideband 1.times.8 singlemode fiber optic couplers is disclosed. It has been found that a 1.times.7 fiber optic coupler can be fused by twisting six fibers around a central seventh fiber, heating the region on contact among the seven fibers, and drawing until the desired distr ...