Vaughn Wildfong, Thomas Helbig: Twin wire gap former paper making machine with variable wrap impingement shoe. AstenJohnson, Volpe and Koenig P C, August 17, 2010: US07776183 (1 worldwide citation)

A forming section for a gap blade former type papermaking machine having a headbox which delivers a jet of papermaking stock between a conveying forming fabric and a backing forming fabric is provided. The conveying fabric moves in sliding contact over an impingement shoe on which the jet of paperma ...

Sam Baker: Industrial fabric with asymmetrically apertured tiles. AstenJohnson, Shapiro Cohen, June 7, 2005: US06902787 (1 worldwide citation)

A permeable industrial fabric is assembled from a plurality of separate tiles into at least two plies, and in which the two plies are held together by jointing structures made integrally with the tiles. In these fabrics, within each tile the jointing structures are incorporated at primary selected l ...

Richard Robert Soelch, Gerry Bissonnette: Polymer alloys including two or more components with differing melting points, filaments made thereof, and fabrics made therefrom. AstenJohnson, Volpe and Koenig P C, December 7, 2004: US06828261 (1 worldwide citation)

A synthetic filament formed from first and second compatible polymers. The first polymer has a first, higher melting temperature melting point and the second polymer has a second, lower temperature melting point that is at least 5° C. lower. The polymers are mixed and extruded to form a filament tha ...

Roy Van Essen, Mark Landry, Richard Pitt: Adjustable activity drainage box. AstenJohnson, Shapiro Cohen, August 24, 2004: US06780286 (1 worldwide citation)

A process, and an apparatus, for improving sheet properties in the initial impingement zone of a paper making machine including a forming section, a forming fabric moving in the machine direction and a head box having a head box slice which delivers a stock jet onto the moving forming fabric. The sc ...

Loiselle Andre, Barrette Denis, Chakravarty Rajat: Fil dagrafage pour points de toile de machine a papier, Pintle wire for a seam in a papermakers fabric. Astenjohnson, CARSON JAMES WILLIAM, May 17, 1994: CA1329502 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A seam pintle wire for closing the loops at the ends ofa papermaking fabric. The pintle wire has a vertical dimensionless than the vertical dimension of the final seam and ahorizontal dimension which wedges against the loops.

Seabrook Ronald H, Johnson Dale B, Chaplin Derek G, Barrett Rex: Toile composite avec pairage de fil de liage, pour la fabrication du papier, Composite papermaking fabric with paired weft binder yarns. Seabrook Ronald H, Johnson Dale B, Chaplin Derek G, Barrett Rex, Astenjohnson, SHAPIRO COHEN, September 7, 2004: CA2192729 (1 worldwide citation)

A composite forming fabric in which the woven paper and machine side layers are interconnected by pairs of intrinsic Weft binder yarns which interweave with the paper side layer to occupy an unbroken weft path. Each member interweaves sequentially with the warps of the paper side layer and with at l ...

Barrette Denis, Loiselle Andre, Chakravarty Rajat: Joint spirale monofil profile et materiaux connexes, Shaped monofilament coil seam and fabrics. Astenjohnson, CARSON JAMES WILLIAM, July 13, 1993: CA1320066 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A spiral seam construction for lower caliper,multi-layer papermaking fabrics. The spiral seam members have aplurality of headcurves which are interconnected by a pluralityof winding legs. Each of the winding legs has a cross-sectionin which the vertical dimension is less t ...

Dufour Marcel, Pascaud Ecrire: Toile essoreuse perfectionnee pour machine a papier, Papermakers felt with improved drainage. Dufour Marcel, Pascaud Ecrire, Astenjohnson, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, February 12, 1985: CA1182317 (1 worldwide citation)

AbstractA papermaker's felt having improved water drainageproperties for use in the press or dewatering section ofpapermaking machinery. The felt is formed by a base fabriccomprised of machine and cross machine direction yarns in aplurality of large cable yarns which are secured to the basefabric by ...

Gauthier Maurice: Methode de liaisonnement entre une couche permeable et un tissu-dossier fait de fibres entrelacees, et toiles de machine a papier ou autres couches filtrantes ainsi obtenues, Procedure to bond a layer of permeable material to a base fabric made of interlaced yarns; and felts for paper machines and filter fabrics manufactured accordingly. Asten, Astenjohnson, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, March 14, 1989: CA1251124 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT A process for producing a dewatering felt through a bonding technique is disclosed. According to the disclosed technique, selected bonding yarns are provided in the weave of a base fabric. The bonding yarns have a fusion point lower than the non-selected yarns so that at elevated temperatur ...

Smolens H Dana: Materiau filamentaires et boudines, resistant a labrasion et lhydrolise, pour joindre des tissus, Abrasion and hydrolysis resistant joining wire and coil material for fabric seams. Astenjohnson, Asten, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, January 17, 1989: CA1248799 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACTAn improved fabric seam for flat woven fabric isdisclosed. The improved seam utilizes polyaryetherketones andpreferably polyetheretherketones in forming the seaming elements,comprising coil elements and a joining element.