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A positioning device has first and second object holders that are guided over a guiding surface extending parallel to an X-direction and parallel to a Y-direction perpendicular to the X-direction and which are displaceable over the guiding surface from a first position into a second position by mean ...

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A method of generating complementary masks for use in a multiple-exposure lithographic imaging process. The method includes the steps of identifying “horizontal” critical features and “vertical” critical features from a plurality of features forming a layout; identifying interconnection areas which ...

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A composite interferometer system has a plurality of X and/or Y measuring axes which co-operate with an X and/or Y measuring mirror arranged on an object. The interferometer system also has at least one Z measuring axis, which extends partly in an XY plane and co-operates with Z measuring mirrors ar ...

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A method and an arrangement for aligning relative to each other a mask pattern (C) and a substrate (W) which are both provided with two alignment marks wherein by using two separate alignment systems (AS.sub.1, AS.sub.2) which are each associated with one mask mark (M.sub.1, M.sub.2) and which are e ...

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A method is described for repetitively imaging a mask pattern, on separate fields of a substrate (W), for example, for IC manufacture, which substrate fields are positioned without any field-by-field alignment so that the speed of throughput of substrates can be increased. An accurate interferometer ...

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An apparatus for projecting a mask pattern (MA) on a substrate (W) by means of a projection lens system (PL) is described, which apparatus comprises a device for aligning a substrate alignment mark (P.sub.1 ; P.sub.2) with respect to a mask alignment mark (M.sub.1 ; M.sub.2), the projection lens sys ...

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An alignment device, for use in a lithographic apparatus, for aligning a first object, provided with a first alignment mark relative to a second object, provided with a second alignment mark, employs as a radiation source a laser which emits an alignment beam having a wavelength which is of the orde ...

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In an interferometric alignment system provides an alignment signal for reproducibly registering a reticle