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The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a fleece-like sheet having a non-woven texture, from a large number of melt-spun monofilaments.The improvement resides in the arrangement of the melt-spun monofilaments in a curtain-like form which is then subjected to the action of a pair of ...

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A shape memory polymer resin, consisting essentially of a block copolymer having an A-B-A block structure in the polymer chain, and having a weight average molecular weight within the range of 10,000 to 1,000,000, wherein

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This invention provides a secondary battery in a nonaqueous type using a substance indicated in I below and/or a substance indicated in II below as an active material for either of positive and negative electrodes:

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A carbon filament comprising carbon layers and having a carbon structure in which the carbon layers are arranged substantially in the form of growth rings as viewed in cross-section, said carbon structure having an I.sub.1580 /I.sub.1360 ratio in Raman scattering spectrum of 1 or more and being read ...

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A thermoplastic polymer composition containing (i) a modified block copolymer of an aromatic vinyl compound and a conjugated diene compound, which is modified with a dicarboxylic acid or the derivative thereof, or the ionically crosslinked product of the modified block copolymer with a univalent, bi ...

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A microwave oven comprises a heating element which produces heat by absorption of microwave radiation and on which is placed a material to be cooked with the interposition of a material support therebetween. If required, the heating element is disposed on a heat insulating body. A shield cover is ar ...

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A photosensitive element comprising, in order,1. a support,2. a layer of a photosensitive material and3. a protective layer having a thickness of about 0.5 to 20 microns, said protective layer being transparent to actinic radiation, substantially impermeable to oxygen, insoluble to water, non-stripp ...

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A butadiene polymer or a copolymer of butadiene with another conjugated diene having the following structural parameters and physical properties:

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A nitride semiconductor device is made using a molecular beam epitaxy growth apparatus having a gas source for supplying a compound including gaseous nitrogen, solid body sources for supplying Group III constituents, and sources for supplying n-type and p-type dopants. A gaseous state compound conta ...

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A modified block copolymer composition comprising a thermoplastic polymer and a modified block copolymer consisting essentially of a base block copolymer of a monovinyl substituted aromatic hydrocarbon polymer block and an olefin compound polymer block having an ethylenic unsaturation degree not exc ...