Matsuki Mutsuo, Nishimura Sadaji, Goto Masato: Apparatus for producing non-woven fleeces. Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn & Macpeak, April 9, 1974: US3802817 (808 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a fleece-like sheet having a non-woven texture, from a large number of melt-spun monofilaments.The improvement resides in the arrangement of the melt-spun monofilaments in a curtain-like form which is then subjected to the action of a pair of ...

Yasuhiko Hirayama, Haruko Ikata, Satoshi Ojima, Hiromi Matsuzaki: Artificial intervertebral disc. Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Sandler Greenblum & Bernstein, August 7, 1990: US04946378 (402 worldwide citation)

An artificial intervertebral disc comprises a pair of end bodies which are provided, on their outer surfaces, with apatite layers. The disc includes a medical synthetic polymeric intermediate which is held between the end bodies through connecting members.


Kimura Hisao: Television character crawl display method and apparatus. Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Lubcke Harry R, June 24, 1975: US3891792 (301 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for superimposing printed characters of any such nature as may be transmitted upon a received television image, at the will of the viewer at the receiver. The character information is incrementally transmitted during the vertical blanking interval of the television scanning fo ...

Satoshi Ojima, Hiromi Matsuzaki: Vertebral connecting plate. Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Sandler Greenblum & Bernstein, September 15, 1992: US05147361 (297 worldwide citation)

A vertebral connecting plate assembly includes a vertebral connecting plate which is provided, on its opposite ends, with vertebra connecting portions to be connected to associated vertebral members or bodies. The vertebra connecting portions have threaded holes, and the set screws of the present in ...

Phyo Kim, Masao Suzuki: Ceramic vertebrae prosthesis. Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Greenblum & Bernstein, July 8, 1997: US05645596 (292 worldwide citation)

A ceramic vertebrae prosthesis to be inserted in a cavity defined between upper and lower vertebra bodies with a removed intervertebral disk or disks is provided with upper and lower convex contact surfaces that come into contact with the upper and lower vertebra bodies.

Alexander L Gross, Kiyotaka L Nakano: Shoe sole. Asahi, Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker, November 29, 1994: US05367791 (254 worldwide citation)

A shoe sole insert has foam-filled independently compressible regions that extend through a midsole and beyond an outsole bottom surface so a particular region, when it strikes a traversed surface, is compressed vertically and expands horizontally against the midsole. In one embodiment, five groups ...

Kunio Masumo, Masanori Yuki: Process for preparing a polycrystalline semiconductor thin film transistor. Asahi Glass Company, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt, April 26, 1994: US05306651 (235 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing a polycrystalline semiconductor thin film transistor wherein a non-singlecrystalline semiconductor formed on a transparent insulating substrate is annealed by laser beams, such process comprising forming a gate insulation layer and a gate electrode on the non-singlecrystallin ...

Teruo Ouchi: Front end hood for endoscope. Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Greenblum & Bernstein, April 27, 1999: US05897487 (225 worldwide citation)

A front end hood for an endoscope allows an observation image of a portion which is transmitted through the transparent front end hood to be less distorted, and produces an excellent observation image even in a periphery of a wide visual field. An optically transparent front end hood projects from a ...

Satoshi Ojima, Masahiro Kohketsu: Anchor and method for fixing a screw in bone. Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Greenblum & Bernstein, February 10, 1998: US05716359 (207 worldwide citation)

An anchor including a shank formed from a hardened product of a calcium phosphate compound. The anchor having a strength capable of retaining its original shape, before, during and after insertion into a pre-drilled hole of a bone, and a brittleness capable of causing its original shape to disintegr ...

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