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A method for playing a side game in connection with a bingo game includes providing a flash board displaying a plurality of numbers in mutually perpendicular rows and columns. A plurality of tickets having a first face and a second face are provided. A column of numbers that is displayed on the seco ...

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Disclosed is a disposable introducer kit for the introduction of a catheter into small vessels such as the radial artery of a patient. The introducer assembly is contained in a sterile package and removed as an entire unit including needle, catheter, wire guide and wire guide feed device. The cathet ...

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A catheter is disclosed which is capable of cutting obstructive tissue from a vessel of a living body while shielding a portion of the wall of the vessel from being exposed to the cutting blade at the catheter's distal end. An essentially continuous outer surface at the catheter's distal end allows ...

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A helical antenna, which is matched to the desired microwave frequency of 915 MHz, comprises a helix having a linear length which is in the range of 74 to 112 mm or a non-zero integer multiple thereof, and which delivers microwave energy in an optimal heating pattern with little reflected power.

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Large diameter catheters for drainage of body cavities and infusion are disclosed. A removable assembly comprising a stiffening cannula, hollow dilator and wire guide facilitate insertion, reduce trauma and reduce the risk to delicate tissue. The distal tip of the stiffening cannula interfaces with ...