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A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of disorders of bone metabolism which comprises an aqueous or non-aqueous medium suitable for intranasal administration and containing a therapeutically effective amount of colcitonin and a surface active agent.

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1,144,915. Pastilles. ARMOUR PHARMACEUTICAL CO. Ltd. and R. B. CHRISTIE. 23 Nov., 1967 [24 Nov., 1966], No. 52599/66. Heading A5B. A pharmaceutical pastille is composed of two parts which dissolve in the mouth at dissimilar rates. The two parts may be present as layers "side by side" or one may be p ...


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Two-thirds to five-sixths basic aluminum chlorides having enhanced antiperspirant efficacy are produced by heating an aqueous solution containing about 40 to about 50 weight percent of the basic aluminum chloride to a temperature of at least about 130 degrees C for about one to twelve hours in a clo ...

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Factor VIII:C is purified by chromatographic absorption on aminohexyl agarose at a pH above 5.5 up to about 8, and preferably 6.5 to 7.2, and a conductivity of about 25 to about 35 mS/cm.


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1430092 Injection devices ARMOUR PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD 26 July 1973 [17 Aug 1972] 38495/72 Heading A5R An injection device comprises a hollow needle 10 which may be used as a catheter guide and which is secured at its proximal end to a handle 14 by a cylindrical collar 13 fitting tightly about the n ...

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A process for heat treatment of a fibronectin solution sufficient to inactivate viruses therein while preserving its physical and biological properties in the presence of a polyol, a surface active agent and a chelating agent.

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An improved process for the preparation of gamma globulin suitable for intravenous administration comprises dissolving gamma globulin precipitated from blood or blood products in a solution, separating non-dissolved precipitate from the solution, adding polyethylene glycol to the separated solution, ...

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An anti-inflammatory preparation for oral, parenteral, topical, rectal, and vaginal administration, consists of an anti-inflammatory enzyme and an anti-inflammatory steroid. Specified enzymes are trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromelin, ficin, streptokinase, streptodornase, collagenase, papain, pancreatic e ...